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Full Version: Video game and other decompiler discussion thread
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Have you ever used any video game or other decompiler before?

Please look up on google
''.rar to .zip''
and make a
youtube video showing
the up above mentioned mega nz file being downloaded
then changed from .rar to .zip
then extracted
then the extracted file(s) scanned with virustotal\
then show the virustotal results
then open up the decompiler.

Here is excellent HyperCam 2.0 settings
If you have Hypercam 2.0 have the following statuses
Screen Area
Start X 0 Start Y 0
Width 1096 Height 1020
Leave Capture layered/transparent windows (May slow down performance)
unchecked others are okay to have marked next to if you wish

AVI File
Add sequential number to the file name
can be checked or unchecked your choice

Rate in Frames per Second, Record: 5 Playback: 5

Cursor/Full frame capture ratio 1 (1 to capture every frame)

Key frame every 100 frames

Video Compressor -- Auto Select - Strongly Recommended!

Frame compression quality 100 %

Limit screen capture to max. 24 bits per pixel (may be slower)
has the box to the left unchecked

rest you choose but I recommend no sound in the video being recorded.
With the downloadable decompiler stuff in up above link how do I create an RPG Maker game file with the RPG Maker decompiler or whatever it is called please?