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Full Version: Quick Question About the Sammer Guy Characters from Super Paper Mario
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Sorry for making this video game theme question forums topic that offers between little to up to a baby-size handful of discussion, but I just REALLY wanna get this off my chest since it's been bothering me for a long time. So, here's what's been clogging my mind palace:

Y'all know the classic/great 2007 action RPG game on the (Nintendo) Wii, Super Paper Mario, well in the in-game world of Chapter 6 in the game, all of its inhabitants are characters known as Sammer Guys, and they all look like a set of certainly designed characters from 1 of the adult animated shows on Comedy Central (some of y'all may know what show I'm talking about). So, here's my quick question:

Is the entire Sammer Guy character race in the world of Super Paper Mario (or better yet, the ENTIRE Super Mario multiverse) made entirely out of inspiration of what the Canadian characters look like in the animated world of South Park? Just asking out of curiosity as a veteran Mario RPG warrior. ^-^"

(This question might be kind of "offensive" to either anyone here who's Canadian-born and/or someone who are offended by some of the content of the show, South Park. So, sorry I ask.)