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Full Version: Nintendo Direct (2/9/2022) (Mario Strikers, Splatoon, Klonoa, Earthbound, and more)
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A new Nintendo Direct livestream aired today!

Here's a short list of some of the games and announcements that were featured during the stream:
  • Splatoon 3
  • Klonoa
  • Kirby and the Forgotten Land
  • Mario Strikers: Battle League
  • Nintendo Switch Sports
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3
  • Earthbound and Earthbound Beginnings (NES & SNES - Nintendo Switch Online)
  • Portal: Companion Collection
  • Metroid Dread update
  • Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC
(There's a whole lot more than what I listed here. Tongue)

What games are you excited for? I'm hyped for Splatoon 3, and Kirby and the Forgotten Land. I might also look into Mario Strikers: Battle League and maybe Nintendo Switch Sports.
Hoo nelly, the stuff that ya miss when you're about to go to sleep... or try to, in my case.

I'll check the Direct itself proper when I have some free time, but right now all I've gotta' say is... did I read that right? And if so, am I understanding it correctly? PORTAL of all things is coming to the Switch!? Truly, we live in a most strange timeline.

...Not that my old laptop will be complainin' though, that's for sure.
Didn't watch the Direct but heard about the games pretty quickly. When time is limited, it is faster to read the articles and look at screenshots than it is to watch.

Out of that list getting Xenoblade 3 and Live a Live (surprised that it is getting a proper physical release, would have thought to be download only), maybe Kirby as well. Will get Klonoa within a heartbeat assuming that it gets a physical release but Nintendo isn't listing the game at all on their Europe site meaning that I would have to import, if it is eShop only it is getting skipped... Sadly won't be getting Nintendo Switch Sports even though I probably would have had a look. Even though I had that feeling that Nintendo would be making a Wii Sports like game, the declining ability to play motion control games means that I would have to call this one out. Strangely it looks more like a rip off version rather than Nintendo's own.

Surprised that Mario Strikers is getting a sequel after so long, would have tried but couldn't get into the first two games at all. At least the fans will be happy by the news, hope they'll enjoy it when it comes out.

Not on the list but is on the Direct, will most likely be getting Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes as well. It's a Musou/Warriors and they are like comfort food, you know what to expect (most of the time anyway).