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Full Version: Games you like that most people don't care for
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We all probably have games that we like but most people don't care much for. What are some of yours?

Here's some of mine:
  • Star Wars Battlefront (2015)
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)
  • Game & Wario (While it's not the strongest game in the WarioWare series, I think it's a pretty decent game)
  • Paper Mario: Color Splash (So far, it's my favorite game in the Paper Mario series)
  • Paper Mario: The Origami King (Not disliked as much as it's predecessor, but some people think it's mediocre)
  • Sonic Lost World (Wii U)
  • Sonic Forces (I thought Sonic Forces was alright, however, I never did like the final boss)
  • Sonic R (PC) (Not the greatest game ever made, but it's alright)
  • Mega Man 8 (The voice acting sucked, but the game was pretty good)
Just a few that I can think of (played like 1000s of games in my time, just trying to remember):
  • Cruis'n USA - Not the best arcade racing game but not the worst as there are far worse out there, while the N64 port could be better still like the game just as much. Just thought I'll mention it because it got bad reviews back in the day.
  • Smashing Drive - Ditto as in that there are far worse racing games. People give this game a hard time because people think a game that has a taxi has to play like Crazy Taxi but it isn't. Always found it fun when played it in the arcades but couldn't get far.
  • Silent Scope 2 - Might as well add the Silent Scope trilogy for the topic as they are all great games that only got average reviews and when Konami was a name that you could trust. Also like that it is one of very few games in existence that is very close to where I live. The other and literally the closest? Danger Zone 2.
  • Enemy Front - Not as bad as they say. Decent WW2 FPS.
  • Medal of Honor European Assault - Really enjoyed the campaign and my joint favourite with Airborne (or was it Heroes 1 and 2, hmm...). Also vastly preferred this to Call of Duty: Finest Hour.
  • Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex - Sure it's Crash 3.5 and has issues (notably a boss) but still one of the better entries in the series. Then again played the original Xbox version with its better graphics and shorter load times so imagine how annoying it is on the original PS2 version (think the Platinum/Greatest Hits release fixed the problem).
  • Need for Speed: The Run (Wii/3DS) - Really enjoyed this entry of the series and not as bad as they say. Soundtrack gets into my head easily...
  • Dead to Rights Retribution - Sure the game and the series itself is a second class Max Payne ripoff with a dog but then again more Max Payne styled games, the better. The graphics also aren't that bad, just typical of the time and well Blitz Games don't always have the best graphics in their games. A well playing 3PS... err.. 3rdPS... 3rd person shooting actiony game?
  • Metal Slug 4 - Controversially prefer this over 3 (considered the series peak) on the grounds of going back to an earlier formula and like the new characters. Yeah a lot of fans don't like 4 but I do... Also a "bad" Metal Slug game is still a good game in most cases.
  • Ace Combat Assault Horizon

Also in the category of old games people don't care for because they are attached to a yearly sport and forgotten over time:
  • F1 World Grand Prix 2 (N64) - Still the best F1 game for me despite the Codemasters/EA ones being technically better.
  • F1 Racing Championship - Late release on both the Dreamcast and the N64 so people didn't care for it back then either...
  • MotoGP (original Xbox) - Liked the handling compared to its sequels and from what I played of the Milestone ones. Also one of the cheapest games you can get now for the console.
One game I like that I recently remembered is New Super Mario Bros. U - People say it's not very original, but I like it regardless of it's originality.
I got 2 games to tell y'all that I liked but most people don't like:

  • Duke Nukem (On Gameboy Color)
  • Tekken Advance (On Gameboy Advance)

That's all. ^-^"
Mine is Beyond Good & Evil
Honestly i think the aero the acrobat games weren't that bad.
I personally can't understand how some people can hate on Mario And Luigi Partners In Time. While it might not be the best game I've ever played, it is actually pretty fun and solid with an interesting "crossover".