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Full Version: Nintendo Switch Pictures & Video Captures
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(I'm surprised this wasn't a thing until now...)

Almost all of us have taken screenshots and video captures on our Nintendo Switches, right? So why not share them here? Big Grin

Topic rules:
  • PLEASE do not share any screenshots or videos that contain porn, or offensive themes.
  • Screenshots and videos MUST be made by YOU.
  • (OPTIONAL) Put videos in spoiler tags to reduce page loading time. (If you can't embed a video on The VG Resource (eg. A video from Twitter), then it's alright to leave a direct link to it.)

To start things off, here's some of my screenshots Wink :

[attachment=12393] ("Where is everyone? I can't see with this helmet on!")

[attachment=12394] (Biggest den of foxes I've ever seen...)

[attachment=12396] (Group selfie!!)
I got a question: are videos/photos taken from the Nintendo Switch that were uploaded to Twitter allowed? If So:

I made a meme reference
Sure, of course! Smile
good pictures!
Here's a surprising Nintendo Switch Video Capture I uploaded a little while ago: