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Full Version: Super Smash Bros. Brawl/for WiiU/Ultimate custom stage thread
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We all know that there's a topic about Super Smash Bros. in this forums, BUT there's no topic on sharing some of out custom stages we made with the stage builder mode in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, for WiiU, and Ultimate. So here ya go VG Resource community. But I'd like to include a little bit of rules for this topic:

  • No offensive theme custom stages*
  • The custom stages you shared MUST BE CREATED BY YOU!

  • I'll allow rough drafts on graph paper of custom stage idea. So if you have a graph paper draft, feel free to share ^-^".
  • Please for the love of Iwata Sama, don't spam this topic with broken stages. One broken stage is enough for my sanity. >.<"

Now that the intro is done, here's some of my custom stages from WiiU & Ultimate (Wish I could share mah custom stages from Brawl, but my copy was scratched, and might have to get a new copy soon. ;-Wink:
  • Paint Ball Arena (WiiU):

  • Sammer Guy (WiiU):

  • Sumo Bro (New Super Mario Bros. U) (WiiU):

Would share more, but I'll let others have a chance to share their creations. Big Grin
I made one custom stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate over a year ago called "Hotel Mario":

(As you probably would've guessed, it's based off of the stages from Hotel Mario.)
So I made a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate custom stage base off Pong... And it DIDN'T turn out as I wanted ;-;"

Here's another custom stage I made that I call "Air":

(I know there's a little bit of ground present, but the editor wouldn't let me save the stage without any ground. Blank)