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Full Version: Metroid 1.5 2D Thread (It has its own now!)
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Last year, I started developing a Metroid fangame called Metroid 1.5 2D--a game based off of Metroid Prime 2's early concepts--but development stalled. However, I finally started working on it again, and as such, I have decided to give it its own thread--the previous development was tracked on a thread that was originally meant to chronicle Metroid fangame attempts prior to that, which will instead be converted back to its original purpose.

So, what's new?

Quite a bit, actually.

First off, I completely switched the controls over to keyboard--keyboard controls usually aren't as good, but many browsers outright don't support gamepad input in the first place, and furthermore it's easier to get it to work now since you don't need a gamepad.

Secondly, thanks to hamsungkee and Metroid Violinist, Samus and her gunship, respectively, have new sprites--the gunship wasn't originally in the game whatsoever but now is, and Samus' sprites now conflict with the game's graphical style a little less.

Third, the level design is getting a revamp--though the demos previously used a test room anyway.

And last but not least, there's a new enemy--Zoomers--which actually acts properly, unlike the very glitchy Space Pirates from previous development versions, which have been removed for the time being.

Development has resumed.
(11-24-2019, 06:59 AM)IsaacRB Wrote: [ -> ]Development has resumed.
More specifically, I'm adding the other beams--and thus beam switching--along with a save system, and refining the existing mechanics.

Some notes:
-Beam switching currently has unfinished controls--right now it's done by holding Scroll Lock and pressing a directional button.
-I tried limiting the fire rates of the other beams like in the main Prime series, but it's glitchy, sometimes temporarily disabling those beams.
-The build shown here lacks a charged Wave Beam.
-The beams are currently incomplete.

I'd like feedback on what possible control schemes might work for beam-switching.