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Full Version: Interested in (Old (2009)) Super Mario Bros. X Fan Animation Series - Epilogue?
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This may not even be in the right section, but since I'm new here really anyways, I'm fine with it being moved. Also, I really do hope anybody even remembers this classic series, since I've really been hankering for the conclusion for quite a while now. Big Grin

10 years ago, I watched a fan series on YouTube from maybe another site which was Super Mario Bros. X, this involved an epic about the crossover between Mario and Sonic to save the world (and maybe the universe) from what would eventually be the duo Bowser and Dr. Eggman, in which they would save Princess Peach once and for all.
Look, I'm not really going to get much deeper if at all into the fan-series since that would probably be completely unnessessary, and that would be sacrificing the bare point of this thread for the series as a whole where's it's not really needed anyways, so let's just get down to the whole point of this thread from the get-go.
Where I had left off (stopped watching the series) that long ago, an Eggman/Bowser-esque airship was coming in to kidnap Peach and use her and others to take over the entire world (and maybe even the universe). That was literally it - something that happened that permanently prevented me from progressing any further into the series, and man, have I spent many long, grueling hours on it. I'll make this quick though:
Either Nintendo had DMCA'd or C&D'd the series, meaning it was ultimately never finished in the first place, or, as I may have originally suspected, the YT porter was cut off by the creator of the series for IP reasons, meaning that, either, in that instance, I would've had to pay a hefty subscription to it along with a grueling refund process, or I would've just been flat out unable to access it easily at least. But my most likely suspiction may have been that the series was still going, but Nintendo themselves demanded that the porter stop, therefore requiring me to access the sources site to view the rest of it, which, at my much younger age (I was literally 12 then - I'm 21 now), may simply have been too inconvinent for me at best at the time.

Here's the point in the short of it: Simply put, I'd really love to see the epilogue to this classic series as the very least, so if anyone has any source whatsoever for the finale at all, please do provide it to me; it would really make me very happy. If simply not, please provide the exact reason why not. Thank y'all so much. Have a great night.
So the one from 2009 WAS SMBZ, right? If so yes. Thank you.
The flash series?

Yeah I mean the guy who made it was cool when he was doing it but then he decided that furry art was to be his thing. Not that there's anything wrong with that but it was kind of disappointing that he abandoned what was otherwise a cool little thing.
Yes, I have in fact been looking for the one exact true answer for a long time - roughly 10 years; an entire decade of pondering and worrying. Well, even though the series had abandoned here - and I really was disappointed; me too; that not only I was unable to continue further, but unable to continue further UNDER ANY circumstances - I've finally gotten the answer I've been looking for for all those wonderful, cosmic years; AT LEAST. And considering the hanging anticipation for a series that never continued specifically from that point forward; I've essentially decided to wish this series and similar ones farewell, in order to find such like that that'd suit me better, such as The 3 Little Princesses and The Cat Mario Show on Play Nintendo.

But all that aside anyways, thank you so much; a decade's worth of hanging and deadly unnerving anticipation are finally over regardless. Again, thank you so much. < : )