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Full Version: Game Deals Thread
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Dishonored is currently free for just two days!
8BitBoy is currently on sale for $0.99 this whole week.

Even though I'm starting to get sick of these 8-bit throwback games, this one actually looks pretty fun, and for one dollar, you can't go wrong.
The humble store has for the RPG Maker MV (steam version) currently a discount of 40% (which are 45,59 €, instand of €75,99)!

For me it's still to expensive for a programm I won't use that often, but if anyone has interest in that maker.
You can get Megabyte Punch for free. Apparently I already have it (probably from a previous giveaway), haven't tried it yet but it is by the same devs as Lethal League.
The joke here is, that ain't in the 8-Bit style...
(04-01-2017, 08:35 AM)Goemar Wrote: [ -> ]The joke here is, that ain't in the 8-Bit style...

Wait, you expect a AAA company like Sega to actually take the time to research what a term means instead of using at as a nostalgia bait? pshhhh. They're too busy making countless Sonic sequels that the "fans" continue to complain about (Except Sonic Mania, most people agree that the game looks pretty tight).
Well technically 8-bit has nothing to do with graphics, it's just generally known as NES-style - should really be called 4BPP style (4 bits per pixel) but well, that's just never going to happen.

Still Retro-Bayonetta would have been more acceptable to use pixel nerds...
5 million copies of PAYDAY 2 are free on Steam. You just have to install it and you permanently own it. I don't think it's for a certain amount of time, just once they run out.
You can get the Killing Floor for free on Humble Store for a limited time.

Also, in case you weren't aware, the Steam Summer Sale is now happening.
Psychonauts is $0.89 on the Humble Store right now. There's a bunch of other deals too, but this is one I specifically want to recommend.
The First Season of Walking Dead by TellTale is free on humble bundle for a day and 10 hours
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