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Full Version: Game Maker: Studio Pro Rebundle!
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This insane bundle is back! We already had a thread about this the first time round, but I figured I'd make a fresh one so we have an updated URL in the OP.

Basically you can get the entire Game Maker: Studio package for $15; this includes licenses for the professional version of the software and all of the export modules. Usually this costs over $1,000, and to top it off you get a bunch of games made with the engine, their source files, plus a couple of soundtracks!

There are lower tiers (pay what you want and above the average) but honestly, getting all of this for $15 is an absolutely crazy deal and well worth it. If you are even remotely interested in game development there's no reason not to get this bundle.

I got this last time and learnt how to use it during a 48 hour game jam, there are so many learning resources for it. It's got drag-and-drop instructions, but also has a programming language for more complex stuff. It's so good for making small games quickly, but can also be used for long-term projects. Examples of some games made with it are Spelunky, Nuclear Throne, Hotline Miami, Risk of Rain, and Undertale.

It might sound like I'm being paid to promote this so much but I'm not, it's just such an amazingly good deal. The original cost is so high and having the opportunity to get it for so little is just mind blowing. I'm so happy the brought it back for people who missed it the first time, but it's most likely the last time this will ever happen. So I would like to repeat:

If there is the slightest chance that you will ever want to do any amount of game dev, no matter how small, GET THIS BUNDLE.

(Also Cook, Serve, Delicious is a pretty sweet game, really good on mobile. Would recommend getting the bundle at any tier just for that game)