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Full Version: Annoyingly bad games
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what are some games that just make you cringe? like a game that you can't even stand the sight of? and i know how a lot of people like playing poorly-made games for grins and giggles (sonic 06, CDI games, etc.), but what's a game that you can't even see yourself playing because it's just really pointless and not the least bit entertaining in any aspect?
this is one of mine, and for whatever strange reason they're porting it to smartphones...imo it's probably one of the worst games out there. sure there were probably some comedic ideas behind it, but i sure as hell don't get it.
Binding of Isaac
Takeshi's Challenge is awesome, the epitome of shit game

I play it sometimes for inspiration, but not to make something exactly like it obviously.

Doing a bad thing sometimes helps you achieving a better creative process, because you can experiment and feel why the things deemed bad by the general media is bad, and question how things work. It's especially insightful if you are usedto only making or appreciating good things, because "liking good things" is your comfort zone.

as for shit game, Ys III takes the cake for me. I played it and it's utter shit, a wonder how it got remade.
- Persona 3 (PS2)
Extremely boring, also the camera is drunk and all you do is either having a school dating sim or running around in a random-generated dungeon tower hitting on monsters with a bland turn-based combat system.

- Ys (NES)
They really screwed up. I mean, seriously? Bumping into enemies to hit them? Zelda came out sooner than this, how could you not swing your sword? At least they fixed this in Ys V, which makes the whole experience actually good.

- Starfox Zero (Wii U)
It's a remake from Starfox 64/Lylat Wars, but the controls are the worst in any Wii U game. It's also not the fast-paced shooter you remember, they changed some things and made stuff lengthy with some elements from Metal Gear Solid (infiltrating, sneaking, etc.). Oh well, 42 bucks for the garbage bin.

- Dark Summit (Gamecube)
I remember it as a surreal snowboard game with bad voice acting. Anyway, I never had fun with this one.

- Batman Begins (Gamecube)
Strict tutorial what to do and how to do it. If you don't do it, you fail. And if you can't pull it off, sucks for you. Yeah, I didn't have fun with this either.

- Evolution Worlds (Gamecube)
You're fighting the same enemies again and again and again until your magic points run out, then you hit with your normal attacks which makes things even more tedious. I'm an RPG lover, but this is just bad.

- Tales of Symphonia 2 (Wii)
The combat system is good, graphics/musics are decent, but the two main characters are the stupidest dumbasses I've seen in a long time in an RPG. The story wasn't very good either. Also I remember everytime your pet levels up, you can get special stat points for it, but you have to travel back to a merchant to do it. If you don't and level up a second time, the bonus points are lost.

- Epic Mickey 2 (Wii U)
The level design was pretty flawed and the game in a whole was rather unpolished and dull. No fun with this one.

- Assassins Creed 3 (Wii U)
Soundbug, no voices in cutscenes, also various other bugs and boring in general. Really, I had no motivation in doing anything.

- Starshot (N64)
A wide empty world. I expected something like Banjo or Mario, but not this. It must be 15 years by now, but I don't have good memories with this one.
Just going to list three, since I have a pretty large list.

- Glover (N64, PC, PSX)

A failed attempt at a mascot platformer during their 3d glory days. Slippery controls and repetitive, unfair, bland level design makes it a nightmare. Also, the whole game might as well be an escort mission for crystals or something. Who would have thought there was almost a sequel to this disaster. PC version is almost impossible to run on modern computers, as the PSX version was made by Atari, and butchered out whatever charm was left.

- Superman 64 (You know what console it's from)

Flying through rings, boring combat missions, and very little Superman-themed gameplay makes this game a bore. The issue was that the original concept of the game was dropped out due to the licensees that Titus was in contract in had ridiculous requests (Such as Superman not being able to hurt realistic-looking people), and it resulted in the game being a rushed mess. Though, a PSX Superman game was shown off that shows that Titus learnt from their mistakes, but sadly, was not released.

- Pac-Man World 3 (DS Version)

While the console and PC versions are... sorta okay (repetitive gameplay, voice-acted Pac-man, not released in Japan), but the DS version? Oh boy. It's a nightmare. Glitchy, messy gameplay, making so much content cuts it's sadistic, jpeg-cutscenes, and forced in touch-controls because it can. The DS wasn't really well-known for it's 3D platformers (SM64 DS, Rayman 2), this game shows exactly why with it's stiff, awkward controls.
Glover was pretty good... on the N64 anyway...

Ninja Gaiden 3 - I mean 2 wasn't great (was pretty much the same as the first game but somehow the camera was even worse) bit 3 really killed the series, and killed it good.
Takeshi's Challenge, from what I've heard, was mainly created out of his pure hated for video games (among other forms of electronics that isn't tailored to filming).  If you wait a while after beating the game, he berates you for "taking it seriously".

And while I haven't played the NES version of Ys (Because I only have the two PC remakes from Steam, which has diagonal controls that the second game practically insists you should abide by for a no damage run), I at least think it's ramming mechanics were a little more fleshed out than Hydlide's convoluted "Hold A for Massive Damage" mechanic.

In speaking about Ys II, it could have been a decent sequel (at least from my experience playing the remakes) had they not insisted on making the Fire Rod the only weapon that can hurt bosses, especially when dealing with that spider boss that loves to drop projectile spewing eggs every chance it got and has an absurd weak spot that makes the bird idols you pick up early on completely worthless.

As for games I've played that really annoy me, one of the most criminal is Castle Quest for the NES.  It's easier to put yourself in an unwinnable state than it is trying to beat the game's almost unplayable difficulty, especially when necessary items are wasted on the wrong doors, pushed into the wrong areas, or respawn at the start of hazards that can't be crossed without it.  Also, let it be a warning that playing a game that starts you with 45 lives is a pretty big give away that you're going to have a VERY miserable time fleshing out what to do to get to the next area (The conveyor belt of doom, anyone?).

And yes, there is an official cartridge, so if you're playing a physical copy, be prepared to get up, reset the NES, and do the entire game over again if you run yourself into a "happy" accident.

The second would probably have to be the unlicensed NES port of Chiller.  Apparently someone at Epyx thought it would be a great idea to kiddify one of the most violent, disheartening gallery shooters to ever exist in an arcade by reversing the order of levels and "lightly" softening up what they consider to be "unavoidably" disturbing to their target audience (Apparently a man dragging a cart full of corpses is more disturbing than a room full of people strapped to torture devices, that you can manipulate by shooting, and being fed, alive, to crocodiles).

Aside from the fact you can easily access the last two levels in the game (which was actually the first two in the original arcade, btw) by spamming on an indestructible target until the required score for the level is met, the Zapper functions hardly respond, giving you no indication on what target can be destroyed, or if the Zapper even works on the game despite on-box advertisements stating otherwise and the screen flashing when you pull the trigger.  Targeting with the NES controller does give you a crosshair (Once you press up, of course), but from my fading memories even acknowledging that I played it more than what most kids these days could have tolerated, it's rather loose with its precision, making it somewhat difficult to target any of the objects you need to destroy in order to uncover letters for the games "scavenger hunting" intermissions.

Tombs and Treasures would be a minor third mostly because it's leveling mechanics ruin the linearity it was attempting to encourage.  Walk into the wrong dungeon and you're dead in one hit.
mario is missing and mario's time macchine.
I remember playing it on a bootleg ps2 cd stuffed with snes mario games, and i still haven't figured out how to play them.
I know that they are some sort of educational thing, but i don't know how I am supposed to do the thing
Paper Mario: Colour Splash is annoyingly bad.

It's a shame, too, 'cause I'd probably say 80% of the game is genuinely fun and entertaining. I like the card combat system for the most part and enjoy the fact that battles are puzzles, requiring a strategy to beat all in one turn. But the 20% that's bad is... bad. Not like, "ehh, that part wasn't that great" bad, but "holy fucking shit I don't want to play this game anymore" bad. It really did make me quit playing the game a few times just because I was so frustrated with how awful the game was being.
Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku.

The style of the show didn't feel captured in any way, and Jack looks downright ugly in 3D.

Only good thing about it was the audio. Sounds, music, and voices were good at least. Everything else? Shit.

I also have Guitar Hero: Van Halen. It felt like it was just a cheap cash-in since half of the setlist (which are from other bands) doesn't suit Van Halen. As in it doesn't feel relevant.

But then again Neversoft didn't develop it so Underground Entertainment likely didn't give a fuck about the game.

A shame since Guitar Hero: Metallica before that was amazing. It represented the band fully and even had the band members mo-capped for it!

The setlist, while it included other bands, are at least relevant because they're from bands that inspired Metallica, are friends with Metallica, or inspired by Metallica.
Busy 3D aaaaaa

I had Bubsy on SNES as a kid and it is a legitimately good game. I saw Bubsy 3D at a game shop later in the PSX days and of course I wanted it so bad. Big mistake :C
Hold up there buddy. Bubsy 3D does indeed suck, big time.

But take away those rose tinted nostalgia glasses and the old Bubsy games suck some pretty major balls as well...
(04-14-2017, 01:46 PM)Goemar Wrote: [ -> ]Hold up there buddy. Bubsy 3D does indeed suck, big time.

But take away those rose tinted nostalgia glasses and the old Bubsy games suck some pretty major balls as well...

I've only played the SNES version of Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind and I still, as an adult man, think it's a solid platformer. I don't get the hate like wtf
(04-14-2017, 03:32 PM)Raccoon Sam Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-14-2017, 01:46 PM)Goemar Wrote: [ -> ]Hold up there buddy. Bubsy 3D does indeed suck, big time.

But take away those rose tinted nostalgia glasses and the old Bubsy games suck some pretty major balls as well...

I've only played the SNES version of Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind and I still, as an adult man, think it's a solid platformer. I don't get the hate like wtf

Coming from someone who did play and beat that game as a kid... I'm guessin' it's the puns. All the puns and the general WTF factor of the gameplay more often than not resulting in gameovers aplenty.*

*Yeah, blind guessin' this up the wazoo here.
I'm a fan of dragon ball, but a few games on the SNES aren't very enjoyable IMO - mostly gameplay-wise. Totsugeki-hen (dragon ball) is pretty neat because it takes you through the whole story of goku as a child. but Kakusei-hen (DBZ) is unfairly difficult and confusing. the fight with chichi in the beginning is super frustrating, but she's beatable i guess - but then piccolo can kill you in one shot with his beam, and i never even figured out how to beat him.
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