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Full Version: Needing sprite artists for a game
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I'm in need of sprite sheets (like the ones you see in Spriters Resource) of my OCs in a style of Shovel Knight.




You might not be aware of this, and this is a common mistake that most new users make but TVGR does not allow requests until you've gotten 20 posts (Click on this link for more details regarding why this isn't allowed). And none of us are going to take on requests if this is your first couple of days posting here. Plain and simple.

EDIT: Not to mention this is also in the wrong board. I'm not pointing this out to nitpick or anything but you know, from one user to another you could probably learn from this, be a part of the community a little bit at least. We don't bite and after all we might share more in common than you think Smile.
^ Pretty much this.

I'll be closing this thread now. gamerraven, I'd recommend reading over the rules before you continue posting.