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Full Version: Identifying a New Nintendo 3DS display (IPS or TN)
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I intend to buy a New 3DS, but I can't tell if its IPS or not. Has anyone experience with that? I know the IPS-display is stable from an angle, but I'm just not sure:
You're best tilting at a different angle. - is pretty much a complete guide to the whole thing.
Tilting is difficult if you don't have it in your hands. So I guess this one is TN? It's pretty dark from an angle.
Apparently the box can give it away as well.

If you're buying it off eBay or something just ask him to tilt it vertically/on the y-axis and send some photos.
Just bought two New 3DS XL from ebay and asked the sellers to tilt the consoles and look at them in a dark room, since IPS and TN have a different level of brightness. Thanks for helping =)