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Full Version: NES Full Library Project
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A bit of an update. I now have sprites from both 1942 and 10 Yard Fight Planned. I'll probably work on one of those when I finish up with Tennis, Volleyball, and Baseball.
Deathbots and Noah's ark have been ripped. Devilman (Famicom) has been ripped but will be archived until Halloween (sorry guys)

Edit 4/2/17:

I have Dick Tracy in the queue and the third Addams Family game in the Halloween folder. More rips to come.
Hey guys! We're over 50! Woo!
Scratch one more off the list: Thexder.
Updated the first post! Thanks for keeping this up, guys!

Pinbot has a really weird box art. In fact, most of the NES pinball games do.
Anytime, Ton!
Crossed off a couple more! We've got our first Quattro game up!
Tennis has just been completed. I'm thinking of doing Volleyball next.
Awesome! Thanks for performing CPR on this project!
Would hacks be accepted? I was thinking of ripping from a hack of Super Mario Bros.
In theory, depending on the quality of the hack. But the we REALLY wanna get the official stuff done. :p
Only really notable hacks I think, it should be noted. Hacks with 4 people who know of it, for example, would allow people to make poor sprites, a simple hack, and get their content on the site. If we bend too much, the site will easily get flooded with bad custom sprites of no real value to anybody.
I'm gonna take a break from this and rip stuff from other non-NES games, such as RPG Maker. Once those are finished, I'll return to working on the project.
Sounds good! Hurry back! Tongue
I'll definitely help out as soon as my internet is fixed Smile
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