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Full Version: NES Full Library Project
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Hot Slots submitted. NSFW Surprise
Hah! That's a surprising one!
Managed to cheat to freeze the slots, mad skillz
Another game done! This is actually a pretty good shoot 'em up made by ''Rare'' and the actual game cart costs next to nothing! After making all those fighting game rips it feels nice to rip somethings easy...  Content

[Image: yFvzty4.png]
I didn't know Rare did that. But I loved Snake, Rattle n Roll back in the day.
[Image: 9N9o554.png]
J. D. Roth
J. D. Roth

Here I am contributing to the NES (not Game Boy Angry ) project. You're welcome, Ton.
Working on Zen Intergalactic Ninja, just doing his isometric stage sprites. Hopefully will be done in an hour or so...


Starting work on Zanac

Edit: Right, Zanac's sprites are pretty damn small, and everything has like 2 frames of animation... to make a decent size sheet is going to take some time (and at the mo it's time to sleep...)
Zanac enemy sheet submitted
Hey, that's all the Z games!
eZee pZee

Anyways, got a kinda weird 'request' for Impossible Mission II - as far as I can tell the main dude doesn't have many sprites (and no name) so should be done in no time.

And that's now submitted as well.
Whoops. Another bootleg slipped though unlabeled. Great rip!
Yeah thought it was, then Wikipedia didn't mention anything so wasn't so sure...

Anyway, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Ubisoft) has been submitted.
Another done, P.O.W!
I'm far from being as productive as Goemar but I'm having fun with this project Tongue
[Image: yzzfJy5.png]
Working on Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure (it sucks in case you we're wondering).
2am here mind so going to call it a night. Should be up early tomorrow.
You guys are on fire!
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