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Full Version: I need some advice to choose a Zelda game
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Hello there,
I'm hesitating between a few games from the Legend of Zelda series, I thought I could ask for your opinion.
Here's the list:
  • Majora's Mask
  • Skyward Sword
  • A Link to the Past
  • Spirit Tracks
  • Phantom Hourglass
  • The Minish Cap
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Zelda II: the Adventure of Link

Could you please select the game you liked the most among those and explain why you found it to be so good? Thanks in advance!

N.B. I voluntarily removed Ocarina of Time from the list, because I knew it was likely that it would end up in definite first place, and I've already purchased it anyway.
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alttp is more or less the ultimate 2d zelda experience, zelda 1 and 2 are great rage-fuel, and minish cap is a combination of the 3d and 2d gameplay elements. ST and PH are good to play if you want something unlike any other zelda game.
Link to the Past
Thank you. So it seems that LttP is ahead of the list right now.
Majora's Mask is in my opinion not only the best Zelda game but it's also one of my top favorite games of all time. That said, though, for a number of reasons I probably wouldn't play the game without playing Ocarina of Time first, even though that game is actually kind of low on my list of best Zelda games.

You didn't mention these titles, but I would also highly recommend the Game Boy Color Zelda titles. Link's Awakening is one of my favorites, but the Oracle games are also solid titles. Minish Cap is also very good but I feel it's largely overlooked by a lot of fans due to aesthetic reasons.

Also be warned that if you are planning on going with LttP first, that game is honestly pretty difficult. Personally I think it's the most difficult of the top-down style Zelda games. My recommendation for people is usually to hold off on that one and ease yourself into the series with some of the other titles first, unless you already consider yourself a hardcore gamer in general.
Majora's Mask is by far the best Zelda game in my opinion (Spirit Tracks trails at a distant second). It's full of gut-wrenching aesthetics and side stories, and a cast of supporting characters who are more than just "Random Juggling Dude to Make the Village Look Populated." The dungeons are all fun to explore and unique to themselves, the transformations are on-point and balanced well... you can approach a puzzle multiple ways depending on which Link you want to be.

It is perfecto.

I would avoid starting with ALttP or the origina LoZ if you want to not get frustrated right on out of the franchise. Those games definitely wear their age.
I've already finished OoT, so if MM turns out to be the best of those games...
I'd have no excuse not to play it Big Grin
I've only played 3 of those you listed, and I want to recommend all of them: Minish Cap, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks. PH has some flaws, but ST fixes all of those and I would recommend playing them in that order.

Minish Cap is an absolute blast. It has so many unique items, special sword moves to unlock, kinstones (which I keep hoping to see again one day), and of course the minish world. It's just such a different and interesting take on the series. My biggest gripe is how you strafe when using the shield, but that's minor and just a personal preference. If I had to recommend a single game it would be Minish Cap.

(02-19-2017, 05:21 PM)Jermungandr Wrote: [ -> ]You didn't mention these titles, but I would also highly recommend the Game Boy Color Zelda titles. Link's Awakening is one of my favorites, but the Oracle games are also solid titles.

Strongly agreed. The Game Boy games are my Zelda roots, and as such I've always been a fan of the top-down titles.
If you have some balls start with Link to the Past. Link between Worlds is also very very good if you haven't played it already. All the GBC games are also awesome.

As for Minish Cap... urgh, honestly found it really boring. Like there isn't an ounce of challenge in that game and the whole thing is very forgettable (which is why most people have forgot about it...)

And well if you want to play a game crazy-fans say is 'misunderstood' but is, in fact, terrible - go with Zelda II...
wait a second

have you not played wind waker or twilight princess?

wind waker is actually pretty phenomenal - just because link looks like a little baby doesn't mean you should skip it. in fact i'd recommend this over skyward sword by lightyears.

the only thing, though is are you looking for a traditional top-down zelda? or a 3D world zelda? they're two very different atmospheres and some people prefer one and not the other. you've got my suggestions for 3D ones above.

The best 2D one is probably A Link Between Worlds. ALBW is a throwback to the other games, so Link to the Past might not be a bad idea (it's tricky though without a guide or something to tell you where to go though - as others have mentioned, it is a little hard otherwise) ALSO good is Link's Awakening.

The DS ones are kind of...weird and gimmicky. Minish Cap on the GBA alright, but play one of the 2D ones so your expectations aren't destroyed when you play a Zelda that doesn't have a talking hat that makes underhanded drug deals and grows weed in his backyard
If your going to play Wind Waker I'd suggest the non-HD version. The HD one really killed the style in my own opinion...
Link's awakening DX is one of the my favourite zelda games, also oracle of season/ages, also as the games of the list you make, link to the past and majora mask.
-Skyward Sword, i dont like the wii controllers, it make me bad at using the sword.
-Zelda1, it is good but really basic, nice but poor
-Zelda2, it is... a hell. Is really hard, and totally different from the other games, here you have to manage lifes, and enemies are really annoing, maybe is better if you avoid that.
-OOT quest is a little bit annoyng because is time-based, so you have to run from a place to another catching the right moment, but beside that it is good.

I dont haved yet played Spirit Tracks,Phantom Hourglass and The Minish Cap, but for what i see i think is shorter than other zelda games, i have to play it in the future.

Ps. First time i play Link of the past, im stuck because don't find where is hidden a object, so if you play it, and being Stuck because that, dont shame yourself, and search Online just for the place where the item is hidden.
Thank y'all for your votes.  Smile
So, according to what I've read, it seems that aLttP should be the best choice for me...
BTW I didn't include Link's Awakening in the list, and neither did I include the Oracle games, because they're currently unavailable on the Nintendo eShop — in addition to that, I've already played and finished Link's Awakening.
wait...why aren't they on the eshop anymore?
(02-25-2017, 11:03 AM)JazzGW Wrote: [ -> ]wait...why aren't they on the eshop anymore?

Did they use to be available on the eShop?
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