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Full Version: Tabletop/Traditional Game Thread
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So I've kind of fell out of love with video games. I feel like AAA game developers and the future generations of game-makers are going in a direction I don't necessarily agree with. Makes me feel like KoopuaL!! Anyway! Jokes aside, that is neither here nor there. It was a bit of a sad revelation but then I found my new obsession...

Traditional/Tabletop gaming!

I could gush on and on about how much I love these things. In fact, I just drop ~$2k on this Kickstarter:
[Image: d9f901235edc2e88e56fcb57cbed9b5c_origina...e3d9910615]
(WARNING: Game has some adult-oriented content. Click at your own risk.)

This game is like my holy grail of games. So happy I had the chance to grab it and everything on top.

Anyway, I feel like with Kickstarter, traditional gaming is in it's golden age. Now developers with niche or risky ideas can make their ideas come to fruition. It's a beautiful thing honestly.

Any one else into this hobby? What's your favorite game? Got a collection? What are you playing right now?
I've always wanted to get into the Warhammer tabletop games, but the price tag is way too hefty for me right now. Maybe once I've finished studying and have a steady job I can slowly start building a collection, but right now it's just not realistic.

I also own Yu-Gi-Oh cards, but they're mostly cards I got from friends as a kid, mixed with with random bootleg ones (e.g. "Darkly Big Rabbi"). Played with my friends for the first time in ages last week, I'd completely forgotten all the rules but it was still pretty fun.
Catan. Like man, man love that game. Also played the living hell out of Hero Quest, pretty simple game but a lot of fun with friends.
I have an ANCIENT copy of Hero Quest that I found at a thrift store! I would love to give it a try but the damn thing is so musty and missing so many pieces I can't really bring myself to try and restore it and give it a shot.
Me and my friends play a lot of board games when we get together. Some of my favourites are the DC Comics Deck-Building Game, GravWell, Five Tribes, 7 Wonders: Duel, Coup, and The Resistance.

And of course, Clue. That right there's a classic game.

I'm also in a D20 Modern campaign that's quite a bit of fun.
just played a funny weeby game with some college friends. it's called tentacle bento. yeah

in all honesty though it's great as one of those silly games to play with friends when you wanna fool around.