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Full Version: Steam Humble Bundle "Games I dont care about/have already" Giveaway Thread!
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In honor of over 7 years of lurking and using sprites for misc thingies, I am giving away Steam games that are left over from my Humble Bundle...bundles. I can think of no better recipients then those who provide me with awesome Sonic sprites.
Simply give a Steam name so I can send a code and an Anime recomendation BECAUSE I AM SO BORED F---!
Has to have a name and an Anime or no code 4 U! Also, only one game per customer...for now.
My preffered genres are Action and comedy. Dont reccomend any "Think Deep" type of mind screws pls. Dont care if I've seen it before because how would you know? Wink
These are strictly first post, first served so if the poster above you got to it first, sorry! Also, some are merely DLC so beware.
Also posted a message in the Steam Group.
The List (look up descriptions yourself):

Back to Bed
Frog Climbers
Guns of Icarus Online, GoI Costume Pack, GoI Soundtrack
Team Fortress 2 Badges - Duncan's Kindhearted Kisser, Hannah's Altruistic Aspect, Sips' Selfless Simulacrum, Sjin's Generous Guise
King Arthurs Gold, Gold Direct Pack
Waddle Home
Faeria EA Bundle
Anomaly 2
BiT Evolution
Curses and Chaos
Tales Across Time
Two Digits
Steamworld Dig
Robocraft YC PAck
Neverwinter Packs
Karma. Incarnation 1
Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition (redeem on NCsoft)
Frozen Synapse
Frozen Cortex
Eisenwald: Blood of November
Disc Jam BETA
Deep Dungeons of Doom
Dark Scavenger
Bohemian Killing
The Blue Flamingo
Blade and Soul Yogcast Pack
Battlerite DLC: YogYog Bear Mount
Pony Island
Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Thanks for always having awesome Sprites!
Chivalry please Big Grin


I'm a big fan of Karas, if you haven't seen that already. It drags a little in the belly and at the end, but overall it's a lot of fun.
Isnt Karas that Garo thing?
Anyway, Invite sent.
They look similar, but no. Karas is all anime (well, and CG, but it's not Power Rangersy.)
The Bridge would be great to have Smile

You may have already seen it but I would really recommend Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I haven't seen it myself yet but I have read the manga. It is pretty serious at points and the bigger story might get a bit deep but I still enjoy it a lot for the action and comedy.
I can do action and comedy. Not the worlds biggest FMA fan, but Brotherhoods on my list.
Anyone else?
if you're looking for comedy i would highly recommend ranma 1/2.

you still have shantae? c:
you know, I haven't tried steamworld dig but there's something super charming about it

thanks for asking about animes because this is reminding me that i should really stop lying to myself about wanting to read manga and get back into animes

I know Samurai Champloo's a good action classic, given it's historical fantasy (?) and has that really good nujabes soundtrack. i think there's a little bit of sexuality peppered about in it so just a heads up.

also you've probably seen it but good lord I need to get into Space Dandy it seems like my kind of Animated Japanese Cartoon because i, too, dream of a Boobies Wonderland amongst adventures in space

oh yeah
Got em both still, give it after work. B)
I'll take BiT Evolution please!

As far as the animus go, I recommended Your Lie in April to my friend recently, she fell in love and got really addicted. It's a romancey, soft, high schooly drama focusing about piano, while it is feelgood there are brief moments of lighthearted humor. If you're looking for something a little more funny, check out the Daily Life of High School Boys, which is real slice of life stuff- but it's actually kind of funny.
I've been interested in Gunpoint or N++ if either are still open.

I don't think I'm the absolute best person to ask for an anime, but I'll give it a shot Wink. Soul Eater is my absolute favorite anime with a wildly unique style and tons of humor and flashy combat. Just beware of the ending. Blue Exorcist is very similar, but a little more grounded with a much better ending. Kampfer isn't really very actiony, but it's a short and hilarious one about a guy that gets a bracelet that turns him into a girl. And I think most people have already seen this one, but Angel Beats is a short anime that starts slow but has an absolute home run of a second half.

I feel like most of the stuff I watch now, people already watched years ago...
(01-19-2017, 11:01 AM)Kosheh Wrote: [ -> ]because i, too, dream of a Boobies Wonderland amongst adventures in space

But haven't you heard? Dandy's all about dat booty 

You guys do realize you need to accept the friend request to get the codez right?
(01-23-2017, 04:30 PM)AstalThe9 Wrote: [ -> ]You guys do realize you need to accept the friend request to get the codez right?

sorry m8, been offline cuz I was sick. I accepted now.
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