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Full Version: Winners Don't Do Drugs, They Emulate (The MAME Thread)
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what started out as a fun experiment in C++ programming is turning into the number one alternative to traveling to the nearest retro-style arcade. there are now many different ways to play your favorite arcade games through emulation thanks to this project going on over ten years now.

i've been emulating MAME for about four years or so (with a few failed attempts in the past, now it's much easier), and it's been a lot of fun to explore what my older friends, relatives and even my own parents grew up with. as well as revisit the few arcade classics that i enjoyed when i was little. to emulate i use SDLMAME with the QMC2 runtime-interface.

this thread is basically to discuss whatever you know about MAME. ask questions, chat about what games you wanna see get emulated (you can check the whatsnew.txt links on MAME's website to see what they're working on), etc.

keep in mind: since this is a thread about emulation, please refrain from giving links to ROMs. (Emulators are okay, though)
I have it to try out games I never heard of and ripping sprites. Though I haven't ripped with it for ages due to how tedious it is.
Not to mention with latest versions of MAME. You need to download BIOS just to get certain companies' games to work.

For the most part, I liked the Beat'em Ups because there's so many cool ones that are very obscure. Like Battletoads, Violent Storm.
And especially Battle Circuit; Capcom's last hurrah in the genre. (We need more rips from that game too Tongue )
When it comes to arcade games and their ports. I prefer the originals as I consider their ports to classic systems to be inferior.
Both TMNT games, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Double Dragon, and many of Sega's classics for example. But that's my opinion.
A friend (N. from MFG) made a rom of atari jaguar work in MAME... game Ultra Vortek.
Is it possible that other roms, of atari jaguar, also work in MAME?
(01-12-2017, 05:15 AM)adriano gt Wrote: [ -> ]Is it possible that other roms, of atari jaguar, also work in MAME?

that wouldn't surprise me, considering (for example) that many NES titles were ported to arcade machines (like the Play-choice10). it is interesting that they ported handheld games though, impressive even.
interesting... Can you make jaguar roms work on Mame?
or you know someone who can do this?
(01-13-2017, 07:57 AM)adriano gt Wrote: [ -> ]interesting... Can you make jaguar roms work on Mame?
or you know someone who can do this?

*late reply, sorry about that*

i don't, sadly. but MAME was recently merged with another project called MESS which is basically a multi-system emulator that uses the same source code. what's unique about MESS is that you get to run the actual "operating system" of an old game console, handheld, computer, etc. so as far as I know, MESS probably supports atari jaguar. c:
Honestly I'd be willing to get myself back into mame if I can figure out a way to accurately emulate Carnevil (which is this really obscure rail shooter I had fun with at an old arcade when I was 5 and my mom was scared shitless out of her mind when she saw me playing it).

That and I liked Battletoads Arcade. Honestly there are just so many arcade games out there that I remember that I'd like to see if I can pick up on them at some point or just replay them for shits and giggles. Maybe even consider a project to rig up my own arcade machine utilizing mame one day.