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Full Version: Happy Holigames!
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basically the thread for games you got for christmas/whatever you celebrate. i managed to get most of what i wanted:

- odin sphere leifthrasir
- muramasa rebirth
- dragon's crown

- guilty gear xrd -revelator-
- dragon ball xenoverse

i'm actually pretty impressed with the selection. with the discount on GGXrd, i was able to buy five downloadable games with $150. the only game i unfortunately missed was 1/2 Genie Hero.
Very kind and awesome people gave me Firewatch, The Stanley Parable, and Risk of Rain (the latter I've been able to play with family sharing, but owning it myself means I can play online co-op with my siblings). Bundle Stars gave me Deep Dungeons of Doom for (I assume) being a newsletter subscriber, which is nice of them. I also bought myself There Came An Echo (which I've been wanting for years now), I Am Bread, and Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition.
I got Final Fantasy XV, but currently without room to install it. Have to do some hard drive cleanup.

I haven't seen my other friend yet, and I suspect he got me Titanfall 2.
Got my bro Dragon Ball Fusions.

Got my sis Dragon Age Origins, Final Fantasy 7, and helped her get Undertale (she needed to have a purchase on Steam, hence FF7).