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Full Version: Rayman by Rémi: The Collector Soundtrack Album
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For anyone who remembers or has at least heard of the original Rayman title (originally released in 1995), and for anyone who, like myself, is a video game music enthusiast, this KickStarter project may be of some interest to you. Rémi Gazel (the main composer of the game) is currently working hard on an album that re-imagines the music from the game into a more modern style, arranging each track into one of many different musical genres (such as jazz, rock, symphonic, and electronic) using live instruments. He's been working on this project for a few years now and is very passionate about it, and the Rayman fan base is beyond excited for the end result.

The main goal is to release the album on CD and vinyl record, and possibly on iTunes as well. This goal will only be achieved if the KickStarter campaign manages to raise €50,000 (which translates to $53,166). Currently, the project has raised over $15,000 (over €13,000), but they still have a long way to go. You can find out more information on the KickStarter page, as well as the official website for the project, both of which will be linked at the bottom of this post. Even if you're not a fan of Rayman or haven't played the original game, I at the very least implore you to check out this project, as well as the game's original soundtrack.

Thank you, and I hope you consider pledging, and if you can't pledge, you can at least spread the word!

Official Website:
KickStarter Campaign: