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Full Version: Coombine the last two games you have played
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Same as title. The last two games that i have played would be Team Fortress and MGSV. Combining the two would like result in a game that's like TF2 except All of the players will be Spies! Complete with Cardboard Boxes! On second though, that might not be a very good idea at all...
Robot Unicorn is now dash-blasting its way through the poor, pitiful, defenseless planet of PNF-404.
Super Ghouls n' Ghosts plus Smash Bros: Project M... so basically it's like playing Melee but you can only take two hits and you can either jump straight up or completely forward with no ability to change trajectory midjump.
DragOut Xenoverse 4

The Time Patrol's newest big mission is to fix a timeline where the apocalypse was brought about by The Red Ribbon Army 200 years ago. Combat is filled with fast paced DBZ fighting in first person. The 4 factions are The Brotherhood of Saiyan, The Snakeroad, The Corporation, and The Satanmen. Skills and equipment are no longer strictly tied to Parallel Quests. They can be obtained by defeating certain enemies.
Animal crossing x Pokemon?

I'm pretty sure this is what A LOT of people want.
Well uh
Super Smash Bros Melee x Super Smash Bros 4...

I may or may not have a problem.
The last two games I played were Shantae and Kirby Canvas Curse.

... I'm seriously at a complete loss as to how those two could be combined.

The idea of rolling Shantae around as a ball sounds like creepy fetish material ...
Diddy Kong: Ace Attorney

Budding defence attorney Diddy Kong has finally started working under the tutelage of his boss, Dixie Kong. But with her untimely death, and her younger sister, Tiny Kong, framed for her murder, Diddy Kong starts a journey that will pit him against some of worst witnesses ever to take the stand, along with the infamous prosecutor Krusha and even his mentor, the undefeated Prosecutor K. Rool.

I'd play it.
Neptunia x JoJo Arcade
Oh the various stands.
KOF XI and Sonic the Fighters...

...Check out MUGENHunter's Sonic fighting games and the combination is pretty much there. lol
Animal Crossing and Pokemon.

An Animal Crossing RPG where you can recruit villagers? Not bad.
The Witcher x Undertale

How does this even fit together?
Digimon World: Genealogy of the Holy War
You have to make sure your units don't poop themselves and prevent Sigurd from digivolving into Meramon?
I'd totally play that just to laugh tbh
Civilisation 3 and Nights into Dreams.

So I guess I'd be taking an overly realistic approach to the world of Nightopia.
FighterZ and Portal 2.

I dont know if its easier or harder...
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