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It all started
1000 years ago...

[Image: 55d66326533ad89477a131ed3cbbe2bd.png]

Vier Legend is a game about fighting and killing monsters, saving heroes and destroying the fearsome Dark Adder! Sounds like something you'd do in many other games, but here, there's a twist: you never attack! Press the button to create a shockwave to destroy enemy attacks and counter attack! The more you destroy, the more your counter will deal damage.

[Image: 528135f92e8db3ba95cf2c82e4120580.png]

There are a lot of charaters to control, and lots of enemies to fight - how many warriors will you save before taking up on Dark Adder?

If you want to support this project and watch us closely, follow @vierlegend on Twitter! Of course, I'll post here too but we follow a daily tweet pattern, supplied by our team.

Also, we opened a devblog recently! There, you'll learn a lot about our method of developing ideas and how we achieve the results in gamedev. Click here to visit a World of Wonders and a Universe of Enchantments.

We recently opened up a page on IndieDB, too. If you want to give us support, this is the way Heart

Don't forget to show this project to your friends who like pixelart, gameboy and chiptune. We're always working hard to give you all the best we can offer. Pretty Content (✿◡‿‿◡)

Interesting story, looks like a Zelda quest. And beautiful game logo, especially the gradient in background.
Can the text speed be faster ? And maybe more FPS in animations.
(11-15-2016, 06:01 AM)iyenal Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting story, looks like a Zelda quest. And beautiful game logo, especially the gradient in background.
Can the text speed be faster ? And maybe more FPS in animations.

It's nice that you pointed that out, and I'll answer you in regards to those points:

The text speed can be adjusted, but this is the pre-programmed attract mode (the cutscene that plays when you leave the game idling on the title screen). The text is synchronized with the music so in this cutscene, you won't be able to edit the text speed (though you can skip it by pressing any button). The actual in-game text is faster, too.

As for the FPS in animations, that's something we're fighting AGAINST. That is, it's not like we hate quality - we're always aiming for the best aesthetics. However, we are taking gameboy accuracy very seriously. This game is being rendered in native 160x144 pixels so that the pixels are confined within the grid instead of sliding and resting on "half-pixels". This is something a lot of developers overlook and it ruins the beauty of pixelart.

We are also working hard to mimic Gameboy's rendering power - be it partially loading sprites, respecting sprite size and GBS format music. The only thing we're ignoring is the lag and flicker when many sprites are on-screen - this is because of the gameplay that involves a lot of sprites on-screen.
So is the the last character shown supposed to be in a bikini or am I looking at it wrong?
It's one of those ever-popular bikini armors. The fact that it still protects the entire body is a mystery even to us devs
Here's one of the game's OST: the battle theme! Click the album art to listen to it Content

[Image: 951e73c1135245ebaaf7abe076c1259f.png]

"One of the tracks composed for our indie game Vier Legend. The music is actually made for the Game Boy chip to fit the aesthetics of the game, and this sound file was made using the output of the BGB GameBoy Emulator."
Beautiful soundtrack cover ! But the text "Original Soundtrack" is a little offset with the "red" band or that's the point ?
the red band is just BG woods along the river - but I can lift it up to improve readability! I'm happy that you liked the art and music.

We added new stuff on the @vierlegend Twitter!

[Image: CxjyWCGXgAE5-nk.jpg]

Meet Eris! She is the goddess that protects Pneu - or protected, until Dark Adder locked her away with dark magic. She is not particularly strong, but can prove useful by providing attack buffs.
Daily update!

[Image: CxznD_1XcAAefwC.jpg:large]

This is Midgard Kingdom's outskirts. There are many places to go! You can choose the path: will you take an all upwards route, or go up and down along the road? Every route has different events and maybe you'll find people to recruit, too.

(of course, you can always follow us on Twitter to receive not only art and music, but also sketches and other insights).
Hello everyone! Today the update looks very cool. Extra cool because we figured out a way to make fade ins and fade outs without having to recolor each frame manually. GB fade effects still obey the 4 color palette, so this shall make the game even more accurate to GB roots.
Apparently you use Godot engine... I think Godot development isn't fully fonctionnal, stability problems can occur.
But do you can tell me why you use it ?
Because it's python based and our programmer likes it

Other than that I don't know because I'm not the programmer - but it's working very well so far
Quick question about the soundtrack: will it be available for purchase or download eventually?
We are going to post some of the music on our official soundcloud, and the full album will be available on bandcamp when the game is released.

We have lots of nifty surprises prepared so I hope you will enjoy it as much as I am!

As a quick dev post, I have written a bunch of character dialogue. The hardest part is making them fit into the text box...
(11-28-2016, 06:41 AM)Gors Wrote: [ -> ]I have written a bunch of character dialogue. The hardest part is making them fit into the text box...
With a 160x164 layout, it will be difficult...
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