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Full Version: Mario, Sonic and Pac-Man kidnapped by Turbo in Vanellope Sweet Adventures
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One of the strangest and both freaks bailouts great classical influences,
It is when do with Vanellope Von Schweetz, thus defeating the Turbo clones based on their respective villains.
You can find them playing this game as unofficial spin-off of Wreck-it-Ralph.

Download links:

There is also published information about the game in Game Maker Player:
I think "Vanellope Sweet Adventures" doesn't say much.
"Mario, Sonic and Pac-Man KIDNAPPED" even less.

I can't imagine Mario kidnapped.
But I still encorage you .
Don't you think Mario, Sonic and Pac-Man are kidnapped in the game? If you want to know, you should be playing, and I will tell you two clues: When you have passed two binary code phases, will end a portal with the face of Mario, Sonic or Pac-Man, which indicates an entry into a world of a classic game of each character, but direct confrontation of each of his villains, but with the face of Turbo, when defeats for example game: "Turbotnik" It goes a portal, and into Sonic appears in the game.
No no I don't know in the game, but to be honest, your title do not tempt to play.
Your game title is too mess. Center your title on your main player; example : (Vanellope Sweet Adventures : A big Turbo kidnapping...)

This gameplay show more details of the game and your updates (v1.1): Cutscene bug fixes & graphic changes, other small changes added, added in the help the up arrow button is a jump.

Download links:
That's a good start!

My first suggestion is to learn how to make your own text boxes ASAP. The default show_message() function in Game Maker is not very professional and people will readily pick your game apart for using it. Trust me...

The second suggestion would be removing the standing sprite while in the air. It really breaks up the jump animation. Keep the jumping sprite for the entire jump sequence.
Well be updates that you recommend me, but you should have downloaded and play the game so that I can say more details to add, and not be limited by the gameplay. Text messages (Will you be referring to windows windows?), And that the jump animation for the time necessary to hold the arrow buttons to the ground.
[Image: Vanellope_Sweet_Adventures-_tile_gameplay_changes.png]

is Released the version 1.3 of Vanellope Sweet Adventures

Update list added:
-It has made improvements in the gameplay, for example: During the jump when you change direction successively no longer slows the fall, giving the speed near to a normal fall.
-Fixed the majority of the crashes when touching the ground (usually when it goes fast).
-Some graphic improvements in the details of various levels. -other changes added.


Because of the bad reviews it has received in previous versions in the thread "5 of the most underrating platform videogames":
I tried to adjust the gameplay and doing the most decent possible with what I could, but check with the previous version, when I played, I see that it is better to work at least.
It's an interesting idea, but the level design feels like it could be much better. I mean, the levels just feel too long at the moment, with the candy one feeling like four or five levels in one. So maybe start by cutting down the length of each level and section, ideally to something closer to a more traditional 2D platformer level length.

The game also seems to have a lack of variety, with very few enemy designs and not much in environment decoration. Try and add a bit more variety in the tileset you're using, as well as maybe a few more enemies with their own unique roles to play.

Just a bit of feedback that should make your game much better.
The variety may be questionable, well not me so many types of enemies had happened, so I had to include Obstacles to give some difficulty. In the levels, especially from the Binary World, I had to give variety of colors and text fonts in numbers and soils, smooth movement, and decorate it with stones and flowers to give an artistic touch. The variety is not a wonder, but at least decently.

It seems to me than you should have downloaded and played the game before writing that comment, plus see everything I've told you, that would help me. And if you find the levels very long, then press the up arrow button to jump and give the glitch at the same time (space), so you pass the levels faster, but carefully.
First and foremost is your title. As iyenal said, the title doesn't really say much and stating that Mario, Sonic, and Pac-Man are kidnapped doesn't really ring the essence of a game that seems interesting. His suggestion of "Vanellope's Sweet Adventures: A Big Turbo Kidnapping" would make a lot more sense.

I also tried to play the game, but it wouldn't launch. I've done everything from attempting to Run as Administrator to Compatibility Mode, and nothing seems to be working. I'm running Windows 10, and all my other Game Maker games work just fine, so I'm not sure what's up with that. Because of that though, the rest of this comment is based on the videos that you have shown.

As Silversea said, you need to work on your own text boxes because of the fact that the default ones pull you out of the game, and that doesn't really bode well.

Also, in the beginning you have the following sentence, "One day in the royal bedroom (presidential) Vanellope awoke form your sleeptime." This sentence needs restructured, and you should either take away the royal and replace it with presidential or just get rid of presidential altogether. The reason why is that it not only seems like a it's not going to be important to the game whether or not that clarification exists, but it's also an odd clarification to make in general. Then you are intermixing Third person perspective ("... in the royal bedroom Vanellope...") with Second person perspective ("...awoke from your sleeptime"). This seems to be a recurring issue in the story as well, so I'd comb through the dialogue and fix the perspective. The lack of music during the story also is kind of a downer, I'd recommend just putting a nice soft and kind of slow tone to the initial frames of her waking up and what not. 

In level 2, you have the player jump up quite a few flights of steps, which isn't really ideal for a player. You might want to look into just gradually increasing the height of the platforms to give you enough room to build the underground portions (if that was the entire purpose of the steps). 

After watching both videos, I have to admit that the only way I could get through them is by having it at x2 the speed. The length of the maps seems to be fine, but your variety in challenges as well as monsters and interactive objects is lacking. Mario, who could only really jump, was able to have decently long levels due to things like:
  • Coin Boxes
  • Destroyable Enemies
  • Interactive enemies (Koopas)
I'd definitely recommend thinking up some more challenges, and I'd look to Mario and Megaman for some ideas. I'd also like to point out that we see Ralph fly off the screen, but that entire scene is just confusing. What does Ralph have to do with Mario, Sonic, and Pac-Man? Why is Ralph not mentioned in the title? How did Turbo capture Mario, Sonic, and Pac-Man? How are you supposed to find out that they are captured? If it's throughout the game, why is it a secret in the game but not in the title?

A few other mentions that I couldn't really summarize into full topics:
  • Get rid of the need to use the mouse, it is just bad design
  • I can barely see the dark pink blobs against the background in the first level
  • The pink waterfall thing (i think that's what it is) needs to have some type of motion to it
  • The music itself seems very slow, listen to it at x2 speed, it sounds so much better
What you have is a great start! Keep at it and I'm sure you can polish this game up to be fun for many, whatever you do, just don't get discouraged.

My last suggestion has nothing to do with the game: You shouldn't be telling people that they should be downloading your game first before commenting. If someone watches a video of your game and thinks the levels are long, getting them to play the game isn't going to make it any less long to them. You also shouldn't be suggesting that people play a certain way to make a level not feel long... That's not only restricting but means that you're not putting the time into developing the user experience as much as you are the technical and graphical experience. Stop defending your game and start taking the suggestions if you want to keep improving the game in any substantial way.
I would agree about the lack of varied enemies, dialogues and spelling corrections, but the mouse is for something to push buttons and interact NPC's.
If a version will not work on your Windows 10, then you download the others.
And when I say I download my games, he wasn't saying obligatorily!
Don't criticize games just to see gameplays! Angry  Angry
If you dont want to remove the mouse, maybe incorporate abilities that require the mouse. Like clicking somewhere and having her glitch over to it.

I also decided to watch the video you provided. heres a couple things i noticed.

you may want to use a less irritating sound effect for when the character glitches out It drowns out the music and is just unpleasant to listen to.
in fact, most of the sound design in this game is pretty annoying to listen to, the Jump sound effect is that generic jump noise, and the first level's song is absolute trash.

The Main character could use a couple more animations too. like for jumping and falling. i noticed when you fall off a cliff it looks like shes just standing there doing nothing.
I feel like the level design really needs to be worked on more. level 1 is basically a generic linear flat area, with a couple pits and a cave, the game throws 2 extra lives at you, the Extra lives are not hidden at all, they're just sitting there. Waiting for you to pick them up.
The enemies also need to do something, instead of just wandering around aimlessly hoping you'll walk into them, It worked with Goombas because you could actually damage them.

Thats all i can really think of improving right now. good luck with your game or whatever.
At least it was constructive what you said, I've tried to fix the animation drop putting the Step event, and it worked, but the problem is breaking the glitch animation to press the space key, so I had no choice but to leave it. In music, for 8-bit version of Sugar Rush, it combines well on stage, but there was another 8-bit remix better than that.
And enemies, not having enough experience to provide advanced techniques, I could only with the basics, walking from left to right to commit suicide.
Means limit us in game development. Ouch!
If you want to know that other things are missing in the game, maybe you download and play (but the latter, I'm not going to force you as many people believe)
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