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5 of the most underrating platform videogames
This 5 platforms games that haven't been properly received, they have played very few and that the other people didn't call attention to them and rejected without reason. They may not be excellent graphics but have a pretty good gameplay, and if you play one of these games, you'll see they are not as bad as people say. They are the purest example of the ignorance of all.

[Image: top_5_for_the_most_underrating_platform_...9y92l3.png]

1: Vanellope Sweet Adventures:
2: Slimy Inferno:
3: Andrux Adventure:
4: Orion (Tanner):
5: Cubix (Ofihombre):

P.D Is for the Windows
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um...well I can't argue with these being underrated. i've literally never heard of any of these lmao
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shoutouts to cutesu for the new av!
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I'm not going to lie, most of those look like garbage graphically, except the first one sort of. But, if the gameplay is what shines, I guess that's the most important factor. Graphics don't matter in terms of how fun a game is to play, but they're very important when it comes to advertising the game, and how "alive" a game feels when you're playing it.
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Two of these were made by you...

That's pretty conceited don't you think lol
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On the graphics matter: Ultimately, yes, graphics don't matter and the gameplay and, if applicable, story is the shining point. However, that in itself does not mean that games SHOULD have subpar graphics, if anything, good graphics is like a bonus. It's more reason to enjoy a game because of the extra mile the devs put into the game.
Obviously, there's tons more examples, and ultimately it's a case by case basis as I see it, but that's my two cents on that matter. for the actual point of the post: I feel like saying something like
Quote:They may not be excellent graphics but have a pretty good gameplay, and if you play one of these games, you'll see they are not as bad as people say. They are the purest example of the ignorance of all.
...little bit arrogant, don't you think? Ultimately, the people's opinions about the game should tell you, the dev (at least I'm assuming you are), that something may or may not need improving or fixing.
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In all styles, Pixel Art (8-bit and 16-bit), Hiper realism (very common), Anime, etc. Good graphics can have. It all depends on the artistic ability of developers.

There are many games that go unnoticed, but many of them tend to have even less than 50-100 downloads in the world of PC Indies.
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Well I think the purpose of indie games is to appeal to a non-mainstream audience. You have the world sensations like Undertale of course, but overall indie games don't have a huge audience and therefore aren't easily recognizable like AAA titles.

Anyone remember Galaxy Fight? Waku Waku 7? Some of the best fighting games out there that were poorly marketed by Sunsoft. When you talk about published games that are poorly marketed (for example, there can be other reasons too), then yes, it's more relevant to being underrated, as opposed to...well, independently developed games that hardly anyone knows about...
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get out
i'm so upset
these all play so bad
not even one of these is close to being Alien Soldier
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Thinking of you, 
wherever you are.
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(09-03-2016, 03:35 AM)ofihombre7 Wrote: They are the purest example of the ignorance of all.

If nothing else, this quote sounds like it belongs on a T-shirt with an illustration of some sort of Eldritch abomination.

In all seriousness, I downloaded and tried to play the first one (which I imagine is the one you put the most time in given the subject matter seems closest to your interests). It is unplayable. If I press more than one direction at a time the controls lock up and I plummet to the ground mid-jump. I am sure I would have had much more things to say about how much I disliked the game if I could keep going, but I can't bring myself to accept controls like this.

Game making is a difficult process, but to call work that you can clearly improve upon "pretty good" and "underrated" while at the same time claiming people are ignorant for disliking work that is genuinely sub par, you need to take a look at your own attitude first before you continue making games.

Seriously, make games for fun, don't stop making them, and gradually you'll get better because you practice. I mean, there's probably a ceiling to be had here, but maybe I'm wrong.

These aren't good, though.
And just for some encouragement, if you want some help with making your games more playable, people here are more than happy to give you some pointers. Just create a thread in the Game Dev board and we'll give you whatever helps! c:
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If you are referring to games like Andrux Adventure, Cubix (Ofihombre) and Vanellope Sweet Adventures? The gameplay of these aren't very bad, on the contrary they are rather good (but not excellent), only what is normally fail to collide with the ground at high altitude. I will say that the easiest way to unclog the ground is press the jump button (up arrow key) and so keep playing well, but I recommend you play carefully.
When you say that's because they know not handle it well, but the playability of the platforms made by me (Ofihombre) aren't as bad as you think.
Well look at the platforms games of Action 52, those if you have a good terrible and outrageous gameplay.

Andrux Adventure:
Indie DB:

Cubix (Ofihombre):

Vanellope Sweet Adventures:
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Look, I believe what you're not understanding is that people who have a passion for playing well-crafted games are telling you that the gameplay isn't great. While, okay, it isn't Action 52 quality, it's still heavily flawed and not crisp. Try taking some pointers from us instead of acting entitled as if your games are actually really fun and playable.

Us wanting to give you criticism on your creations is not a sign of ignorance.
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I wrote that sentence because I've played a lot of before you.
As you criticized, I think it's because you haven't played before putting this criterion. First, download them and Play the games them before saying that and check if one of the two is right.
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I have played your Vanellope game, and the fact that you lose momentum (not just horizontal, which is something that commonly happens in amateur games with poor physics, and not just upward momentum like the jump stopping, but DOWNWARD momentum that stalls your falling because you press right or left in midair) is a death sentence for a platformer. Having poor controls in a game that requires timing and jumps is unacceptable.
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The physics & controls of Vanellope Sweet Adventures not usually so realistic, but at least you when you press jump and space to make the glitch is what most entertaining (if used carefully) but at least you can easily dodge the enemies. Okay, I admit I'm not as good at platform games, but I'm not the worst, at least they are almost decent in the gameplay.

P.D If you don't like walking on air, then don't release the buttons to the ground, is at least paranormal to do.
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