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Full Version: Psychonauts 2
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So does anyone remember Psychonauts? Remember that time it was supposed to get a sequel and was backed by Notch, but then Notch backed out once they learned $12 million was needed to fund the game?

Well, there's finally gonna be a sequel. Maybe. With the support of fans, we can make it possible! Here's the crowdfunding page. It looks extremely promising and I really hope it reaches its goal, because I absolutely loved the first game and would love a sequel!

I really really hope this gets funded. I absolutely loved the first game and would adore a sequel. I'm gonna try pledge us much as I can manage to, this is one game I would hate to see not being released (again).

Just the music in that video made me want to launch up the game and play through it again. In fact I might, since there are a couple of achievements I didn't get that are only available at certain bits.
I kind of wish there was a cheaper reward tier for just Psychonauts 2 alone and not 1+2, seeing as I already have the first game in both physical and digital forms ...
Instant nerdgasm.

It will be funded, it has been running for a day and it's already at 20%

Firts Indivisible and now this, 2017/18 will be a great year.
My timelines everywhere kind of exploded when this was announced. I seriously haven't seen so many people get so hyped at once.
well, if it does get funded, hopefully they don't mismanage the project

I am not too happy about this, really. The first game was pretty damn good, but I'll be damned if Double Fine aren't a pretty shitty company now (as much as I hate to say that) and will likely screw this up.

Tim is an asshole, the team mismanage multiple projects, their business model is simply "let's hope people get nostalgic" and that's really all they have now... As Kitsu said, they don't know how to handle crowdfunding correctly and it's unlikely they'll do anything different because they have had absolutely no repercussions from it.
When I heard Psychonauts 2 was coming, I was like "okay". I haven't played Psychonauts and feel nothing for it, but good for those who want this.
Then I heard "crowdfunding" and was like "ohhhhhh boy..."
I give Shenmue 3 some slack, because of the huge demand (as proven by their Kickstarter results) and the open-endedness of Shenmue 2, but I'm not a fan of these "Look at this game that we're totally going to finish and release, psych, give us money first" kind of trailers.
Seeing these responses makes me curious. Is Double Fine really that bad? The video made me feel hopeful. Then again, I know nothing about what goes on behind the scenes, so I'd like to be informed. The idea of Psychonauts 2 just really makes me excited and I really want to see it happen.
Double Fine has always been this bad, the difference being that now all their crap is out there for everyone to see. Schafer and friends have mismanaged stuff since Lucas Arts times, but back then you didn't knew/care what happened since all you knew of games where that the box suddenly appeared on the store.

It's kind of what's to be expected when you let a "idea man/artist" run the show, they will try to do what they want, not what makes bussiness sense, and decades of experience won't teach them.

Double Fine games have never ever been perfect, they are always flawed in multiple ways, but still I personally find it more interesting to go around their games filled with creative stuff even if A LOT of times they are shadowed by bugs, odd design decisions or simply being unfinished than strolling through a polished AAA spectacle designed by marketing research and investors boards.

And it seems I'm not alone, at this point in time everyone knows about Broken Age running out of funds, Spacebase DF-9 being abandoned unfinished and Massive Chalice being kind of underwhelming, but people are still throwing money at them, in the hopes of seeing something other than sequel #15 of X yearly game.
I'm not quite sure how I'm supposed to take that response. It sounds like you know it probably won't work out but you're willing to help fund it. Is that what you meant, or did I miss the point?
Would you say Psychonauts or Brutal Legend are perfect games? Because they are definitely not, but still far more interesting to play than the regular offering of mid-range studios, which are usually limited to major franchise knock-offs.