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Full Version: Cant remember the name.... > Kings of Dragonpass!
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Im searching for the name of a old pc games:
You manage a village in a old kingdom and the gameplay is about only adjusting sliders ( your crops, trade, soldier, buildings etc)  and then press "next turn". In between turns, you can get attacked by multiple faction ( goblin, nomad tribes, etc) and event often happen ( someone get possessed, a monster roam your lands, a relic is found) and i remember that the events have their own pictures. You can also leads expedition on a pretty big world map, which triggers other events.
Anyone knows what im talking about?
might and magic?
(11-12-2015, 05:41 PM)psychospacecow Wrote: [ -> ]might and magic?

No, the gameplay is litteraly just moving sliders and taking decision in events, and its not a popular game.
Is it Dominus?


Scratch that, that was nothing like you described.
Just had a little flash, in your village, you can do rituals to one of like 15 deity. The interface where you choose your rituals and gods is a big norse-like rock with runes.
Also, in the special events, you can get artifacts and relics that can be used or traded in other events.

I remember that there was that annoying event where a cavern of monster is discovered in your land and what ever you do ( send your best hunter, blow up the entrance), they always comes back a few month later. Only with a certain relic you could repel them back iirc.
Found it, Kings of Dragonpass!
Great game with great art!