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Full Version: Gatete Mario Engine 8
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[Image: oEJ8bFP.png]

Gatete Mario Engine 8 is a open-source mario engine for Game Maker 8 and Game Maker 8.1


- Mario & Luigi as playable characters (NEW!)

- Over 200 enemies.

- 432x240 screen resolution (Widescreen) (NEW!)

- 6 different Yoshi colours. (Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Magenta and Cyan)

- 14 different powerups. (Mushroom, Fireflower, Iceflower, Carrot, Super-Leaf, Frog Suit, Tanooki Suit, Hammer Flower, Boomerang Flower, Super Flower, Super Bomb, Bee Shroom and Lightning Shroom)

- 7 different goal mechanics. (SMB1 Flagpole, SMB2 Hawkmouth, SMB3 Cards, SMW Goal Gates, SML2 Bells, Keyhole from SMW and the SMB3/SMW Goal Orb)


[Image: S8p0R8X.png] [Image: lHJE9UZ.png] [Image: W7mMAB9.png]

[Image: KkOj5IC.png] [Image: ExXkplp.png] [Image: pmRg1Z0.png]

The engine makes use of the Caster Audio Engine which is written by Marius Utheim. You can download it here!


Did you get any inspiration from the Hello Mario engine when you created this?
Well you should give some credit to Hello, bcuz it looks very similar.
But nice job anyways.
(05-04-2015, 12:24 PM)awesomeĀ jitter Wrote: [ -> ]Well you should give some credit to Hello, bcuz it looks very similar.
But nice job anyways.
If it turns out he programmed this all on his own, then no credit is owed to Hello, because Hello didn't take part in making it. You don't need to give credit on something just because it looks similar, otherwise Digimon should be giving credit to Pokemon, Zelda to Lord of the Rings, Megaman to Astroboy, etc..
i ve downloaded and, there's credit to Hello, in it.

Yeah, sorry.
Gotta admit that I used a few scripts from Hello, credit has been given to him.
Version is now available for download

It includes two new propeller blocks

[Image: DUxw3us.png]

[Image: fOsVuSQ.png]
Looks interesting, might have to try this out Smile
My only problem is that the jog speed feels a bit slow for a 2D Mario game, could be just me though.