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Full Version: Official Name Change Log and Requests
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Heya! I'd like to change my username to Lena3D
I'd like my submitter name to remain sleepysaturn though

No problem - all set!

I'd like to have my name changed to "RaymanFan1995" (without quotes), please. I no longer go by "Somari64" here or at MFGG.

Thank you!

Okay, all set.
This is the only site that I regularly use that still uses MidnightXS. My Discord, YT, Twitter, Steam, etc. are all "JerseyXS97" (no quotes), so may I be changed to that?

Of course!
SplinterHarveyCell > RRHarvey223

I just slapped it together, whilst making this account, not generally happy with "SplinterHarveyCell" because I don't play Splinter Cell much.

All set!
I would like my name to be changed to "Yoni Arousement", as ridiculous as that might sound. I've started using that name on other websites like DeviantArt and Twitter.

Okay, no problem!
I'd love to have my name changed to Welfz Twingo Furs. This change is because I don't go by the name DerickFabro 2 anymore, I find it dumb, and it doesn't bring the best memories.

Done! Happy New Year! PM me if you have submissions on any of the sites that you need the name changed on as well.
'Sup. If possible, I'd like to change from "RiddleTC" to "Riddle Snowcraft". Thanks.

Sure, all set.
Could I get my named changed from "ElyosOfTheAbyss" to "Ziella"?

I rather use Ziella since it's what I've been starting to use on other sites and ElyosOfTheAbyss is kind of outdated since I've been using it for 8 years or so and I don't like the sound of it anymore.

Could I also get my submitter name changed on the sites?

Sure! All set!
I would like a name change to LemurBoy446 I have used that name every where else and this name I have is a old name I used on Club Penguin

Sorry this took so long - I just got back from vacation. You're all set though!
Greetings. I'd like a name change from "LDEJRuff" to "DecaTilde", please. It's the username I use on Steam, and my current deviantART and Twitter handles.

This can also apply to my submitter pages:
For tSoR
For tSR
For tMR

Thank you.

All set. Thanks for linking the submitter pages!
Is it possible to change my name to "ZetTheLegendaryHero" (without quotation marks). I already changed it to that for submissions, because I don't go by MugenFighter anymore because I went by that name before I realized there was another person (who is probably the one most people think about) that used that name. I tried going by MugenFighterTube for awhile, but I don't use Mugen anymore.

Sure! All set.
Would it be okay to change my username to MasterPengo? I figured since I'm hoping to stick around and contribute more I could do with a username with a bit more thought put into it. Thanks

Sure, no problem!
I would like to change my name to Jacen64.
Since I would want to do more than comment, I would not want to go by IMadeThisToComment anymore.
Thank you.   Pizza

Haha, this is one of the better name change requests I've seen. You're all set.
Add spaces on my forum name. It's the same as my submitter name.

Done. No need for a log entry on this one as it's basically the same name.
I'd like to change my name to THiN CRUST; both as a Forumer, and a Submitter.

Okay, all set. Since you only have one submission and you already submitted it with the new name, there's no need to do anything on the submitter side.
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