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Full Version: Official Name Change Log and Requests
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can you change my name to teh_supar_hackr? I had this old user name for years and I have updated most of my accounts to have it be teh_supar_hackr and this is the last one left...I simpily want my username here to be updated like all of my others! thx

I think I did this a few days ago but apparently forgot to update this post. It's obviously done though!
My username as DigitalDiamal please.

Can you just let me know (by editing this post) why you'd like to change your name?

I used this username on two websites but I reused my username from those sites for this one.

The two websites were Bulbapedia and TCRF.

Okay, that works!
Hey there all. I've been on and off this site for years now but I'm gonna start posting regularly now. I feel like my name is too outdated though, so is there any chance one of you good friends could change my name to "Sorav"? Would appreciate.

Thanks for your time.

Please give a good reason for your name change.

~Mighty Jetters

-Jetters my homie! I can't give much more of a reason than that my man. I could elaborate I suppose.  Since the start of this year I decided to change my alias on almost all forms of online media you know, whether it be forums, social media, etc. So that's why I feel that it's just outdated- doesn't reflect the present.

Why'd I change it in the first place? Just the ring of it you know. Sorav is smoother...more memorable. Also it's a manipulation of my real last name so it's more personal as well. It's like your name. Mighty Jetters. It's Mighty(er). Memorable. ManWhoDares? So many syllables, doesn't ring; plus I didn't even specify what I was daring to do, you know Tongue

The elaboration is appreciated but your original reason was fine - an outdated name still counts as a valid reason Smile
Actually I thought about the last post I made here.

Since Dio is already taken I think I'd like to adopt a shorter version of my Newgrounds username "CaptainDioShiba" and just make it "DioShiba". Prefeably because Diogalesu is to complicated for everyone to pronounce and honestly the nickname Uncle Drew has kind of wore off on me for some time now.

That one is available! Or it was anyway - you have it now.
I would like my username to be changed to Speedy X, the whole '-SG' thing... I don't like it.

Sure - done!
Hello, I like to change my name to Mangekyo Spectre, I'll be using the "EternalFirebird" name as my YouTube username from now on, so I like to change my VG resource username to I mentioned before.

That works - you're all set!
please change my name to Potato Princess

Reasons for name changes are required but one of the conditions of your return was that you were to keep your original username so I won't be completing this one.

ok but u said i gotta keep it until i prove im a Good Member and i dont like Sengir bc its part of my Dead Name and i think ive been pretty good lately

You say as you double-post in a thread that begins with two rules that you've now ignored. You haven't been causing problems but it really hasn't been long enough for arbitrary name changes just yet.
to be fair im responding to your posts but your posts are inside my posts

Yes, but I've been keeping an eye here for this very reason. I'm not saying it's a huge deal, just pointing out the irony. Either way, is "Potato Princess" a randomly chosen name for this moment or does it have some kind of significance?
Childhood nickname that I was reminded of after seeing the pic that became my avatar. was meant derogatively but i have now reclaimed it and am making a game called Potato Princess.

Okay, that's fair enough I suppose.
I'm taking a shot here. The decision is yours. Hope it works!

I want to change my name to "Rodo Furedorikku" (Lord Fredrik's Japanese pronunciation. "Tabuu Forte Akugun" now has a very negative connotation and effect on me personally and emotionally, and I'm looking to move on with a new identity. Lord Fredrik has always been awesome to me. I'm tired of the depression. Time for a new me!

No problem, you're all set.
Can I get my named changed to "water dog" ?? Would love that mucho! "smell factories" is a relic !!

EDIT: By that I mean it's a name I made and used long LOOONG ago when we could change our names at will. I never meant to keep it/make it permanent. "water dog" is more in line with what I go by on the internet now-a-days.

Can my username be changed to "Candra Software"? Whoever does so deserves a cookie!

Sure, all set!
Can my name be changed to "GumballYes DisneyJrNo"? I go by that name on YouTube and I feel like my current username is just a string of random characters that make no sense at all.

I'd simply lIke the c in my name to be capitalized. I'm not sure why I didn't do it originally...

Done! No need to log this one as it's just a case change.
Because I've become reobsessed with The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and is one of the funniest characters in the show imo, I'd like to have my name changed to "Lord Moldybutt".

I also use this name on Discord alot too.

Okay, done.
been obsessing a bit over the beetlejuice cartoon because of lydia (duh). also lulu is my fave champ in league and her fave color is purple

so with all that said may i be changed to LydiaPurp105? thx Big GrinDDD

Sure thing! Name change is all set but PM me if you don't intend to keep your submitter name as "JazzGW" and would like that updated too.
I want to change the username XX-CamTro-XX to CamTro_Official. Because I feel the name is really really outdated to me, to be honest.

All set. Same goes for your submitter name though - PM me if you'd like it changed.
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