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Full Version: would you fund a vr gaming system
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earlier i talked about how virtual reality game console could be made right now if you need a refresher here link.

in it i detailed a rough break down of how much  it might cost to build one so it got me curios if someone  were to make a kickstarter  to fund the construction of such a device would anyone here fund it and do you think anyone else would.

 with the possibility of getting  one of these machines as a reward for giving enough plus a few games for it id do it.
Dude. Come on.
This is like the fourth thread you've posted in the wrong section. It is not that hard.

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Maybe a virtual reality arcade cabinet, but definitely not a whole console or even a peripheral. VR is one of those things that, for me, is usual a hinderance. To be honest, I don't like this massive push to be more "immersive". Until Nintendo started showing people how it's done with the Wii U, even the modern "HD" graphics (and in movies) have been hurting my eyes and giving me all kinds of focus issues. These trends are negatively influencing my gaming experience, for the most part, and Virtual Reality would just be all the wrong things put to the extreme.
I misread the title and thought you meant a VGR console
No, VR is about as fun as a gimmick as those photo things in kindergarten that had a tiny image in them.
Like Omega, I see VR as more of a gimmick than a serious or necessary way of playing games. I mean, some games might be somewhat enhanced by it (Proteus would be nice to try out) or it might be fun to experiment with, but really I'm more than content with screens and controllers.

There's other things I'd rather spend my money on.
(11-03-2014, 11:03 PM)DOmega Wrote: [ -> ]No, VR is about as fun as a gimmick as those photo things in kindergarten that had a tiny image in them.
Woah woah woah, those things are great fun. Hours of enjoyment.
I'm enjoying my Oculus Rift... Sad
[Image: 5qVAmDS.png]
Would I fund a vr machine in hopes that it turns out like the thing to your left and not the one to your right? No. I'm poor and broke.
Would I get one if it turned out well? Maybe, I'm poor and broke.
Honestly I'm surprised the PS4 and Xbone exist without some form of VR Ability.

Like, sure, I guess some of the games run faster and prettier, but like, they were already in High Definition, there is honestly not much farther they can go at this point until they do a Nintendo, and just make up shit and see if it sells, like with what the Wii was.

Honestly I kinda think thats why I gravitated to being more of a PC/Arcade Gamer over the years, my tastes tend to be more eclectic compared to most and PC does that really well.
(11-04-2014, 04:06 AM)Dazz Wrote: [ -> ]I'm enjoying my Oculus Rift... Sad

pix or it didn't happen

* Kosheh gets ready to sit at his monitor in awe, with jaw to the floor as Dazz manages to take a selfie while wearing a VR headset