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Full Version: Games That Deserve Sequels or HD Updates/Remakes
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How's about we make a thread that is much more positive than ... that other thread.

Our topic: Games that we want to see sequels for (but are unlikely to happen).

Here's one of mine:

Super Princess Peach

Hey, do you guys love the Wario platformers? Then you'll love Super Princess Peach. Yeah I know, it doesn't look like it from the premise of the game, but aside from the aesthetics SPP feels much more like a Wario Land game than it does any Mario game, most notably in how the levels are set-up, and how the emotion power system is somewhat similar to the Wario Land status ailment "powers". This game was just plain a lot of fun, and one I highly recommend to anyone with a DS system.

Why it deserves it: Aside from it being a good game that I would love to see more of, the primary reason it deserves a sequel is because one was already planned to happen. In the background of the primary story about Peach rescuing Mario from Bowser, the game also sets up information for a potential sequel revolving around the story of Peach's parasol partner, Perry, his grandfather, and a pair of mysterious magicians. From what we are shown in Perry's dreams, it seems that he may not have always been a magical parasol but was rather turned into one by these magicians for unknown reasons. I assume that the sequel was intended to be about Perry and Peach taking on the magicians, returning Perry to normal, and reuniting him with his grandfather.

Why it's unlikely: Stupidity, mostly. This game got a lot of flak for really stupid reasons. One of the primary concerns that "professional" reviewers have stated is that the game was far too easy; but come on, a game doesn't have to be difficult to be good, and it's honestly no less difficult than any Kirby game out there. But the real stupidity sets in with the unfortunately way too common complaint that the game is sexist due to the emotion-themed abilities that Peach utilizes in the game, pushing the stereotype that women are overly emotional. Ugh ... it's so dumb that it gives me a headache. Never mind the fact that Peach is already one of the most stereotypical damsels in all of gaming. Never mind the fact that the enemies in the game all utilize the same emotion powers, including Bowser himself, who is the epitome to testosterone. Give me a break, guys.

I have more games to suggest but this took longer to type than I expected. More from me later.

Oh, and please don't feel that it's required for you to be as wordy as I was here. This is just how I am is all.
As far as a sequel goes, how about...The Kirby Return To Dreamland trilogy.
Come on, Kirby return to dreamland and triple deluxe were so much alike triple deluxe might as well be a sequel.
What I'm saying is, a sequel to Kirby triple deluxe.
Damn straight on Super Princess Peach.

I'm also gonna have to go with Dynamite Headdy also deserving a sequel. Reason being? This part of the ending sequence.

[Image: 1OF4Qng.png]

They were obviously setting up some sort of story in which Trouble Bruin usurps the previous villain's role and takes over the puppet world or something like that. Unfortunately, knowing Treasure's status as a company nowadays, I'll we'll never get to see what comes of this.

I'm sure I'll be popping up in this thread again to suggest sequels to other "one-shot but obviously not meant to be a one-shot" games like this
Super Mario and Legend of Zelda.
We've had this thread plenty of times in the past, so how about I propose this:

Hard Mode: No Nintendo Games
edit- or Rare games, this includes post-Microsoft buyout
Oh I know one.
Come on sakomoto.

EDIT: man I got ninja'd by Viper.
In that case, how about a sequel to Rachet and Clank?
(10-21-2014, 01:02 PM)Vipershark Wrote: [ -> ]We've had this thread plenty of times in the past, so how about I propose this:

Hard Mode: No Nintendo Games

For the sake of having a good challenge, there goes my Actual Paper Mario RPG 3 suggestion.
Do I even have to mention which certain bear and bird duo deserves a sequel more than anyone else? They're owned by Microsoft now, so I guess it counts.

Just noticed Vipershark updated his previous post to exclude talk about Rare. Darn...
Anywho, why hasen't a sequel to like, jak and daxter been made yet.
Or monkey island.
(10-21-2014, 01:20 PM)nateismyname Wrote: [ -> ]Anywho, why hasen't a sequel to like, jak and daxter been made yet.
Or monkey island.

there are like five games in the jak and daxter series and at least three in the monkey island series

ratchet and clank has like... at least 10 now
how is that no sequels
One word: Vanquish.

The game ended on a cliffhanger, and a very shocking cliffhanger, may I add. Even though Vanquish may not be one of my favorite Platinum games, I still thoroughly enjoyed it, and I really, really want to see this cliffhanger resolved. The only way I can see it happening though, is if a different publisher were to fully fund it, just like what Nintendo did with Bayonetta 2.

Also, Psychonauts. How Costume Questan incredibly dull and mediocre game whose plot wrapped up perfectlygot a sequel, but not Psychonautsan excellent game that concluded with an open-ended endinghasn't, is a mystery for the ages.
Darkstalkers needs a new sequel, but now it's unlikely due to that interview weeks ago. Yeah, way to celebrate twenty years of another franchise Capcom.
They only care about Street Fighter these days. Even Resident Evil and Monster Hunter are being overshadowed by Ryu and Friends.

Another game i'd like to see get a sequel is Jazz Jackrabbit. But i doubt Epic Games would want to do anything else besides Unreal and UT.
That and the fact their engines are licensed to a lot of developers. All we have is that demo you can get with Unreal Development Kit.
Though the models are pretty mediocre, being unnecessary chibi designs with cubical backs on the models' bobbleheads, and annoying voices.
It's also best to avoid the GBA game as it's an in name only game where Epic had little to no involvement with it other than licensing it to Jaleco.
And also made by an unknown developer. Jazz being turned into a Han Solo expy, and there's also tilesets recycled and edited from Jazz 2.

Like to see Commander Keen get a sequel. If only ID Software sold the rights to Tom Hall, seeing as they're too busy with the DooM reboot now, which i'm looking forward to. At least it has an active modding community, which some are pretty excellent. The unofficial sequel trilogy for example.
[Image: Earthworm_jim_by_shadowandmanic.jpg]

like seriously he hasn't had a game since 1999 thats more then 13 years ago! also i don't coun't earthworm jim hd simply cause it was made without permission from the original developers,

also i feel Earthworm Jim would make for a unique fighter in ssb they could even take some ideas from clayfighters sculpters cut, for his moveset,

Earthworm Jim vs Megaman would have been epic.

anywho yeah he needs a good comeback though unlike that certain bear and bird duo.
(10-21-2014, 01:02 PM)Vipershark Wrote: [ -> ]We've had this thread plenty of times in the past, so how about I propose this:

Hard Mode: No Nintendo Games
edit- or Rare games, this includes post-Microsoft buyout

Challenge accepted.

Warcraft 4. Aw Yiss, the world of warcraft back to its roots of real time strategy.
Fallout 4. I needs this. You needs this. We needs this. Its like Groot.
Half-Life 3 - Apart from probably being a legitimately good game, I just want the jokes to end.
Chrono - Trigger was awesome. Cross was awesome. We need a new Chrono game and keep the tradition of a really awesome battle system and debatable relation with the other games at best.
Spore - Its time for disappointment round 2.
Sonic Adventure 2.
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