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Full Version: Mysterious Devil May Cry Game
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This thread isn't so much of a request, so I couldn't post it there.  It's more of a game request, but I know better than to ask for illegal sources around here...  Instead, this is an information request.  

There's been plenty of mobile DMC knock-off games, mostly boring sidescroller beat-em-ups but I just found this thing:

(There's another video "trailer" for it, but it's 95% DMC3 PS2 footage).

Compared to all that other garbage out there, this....actually looks kind of badass.  Devil May Cry meets Zelda with a distinctly Diablo-esque approach to skills?  Sign me up.  And the sprite work looks really damn awesome to boot, so naturally, I want to rip it!

Problem is, aside from these two videos...this thing doesn't even exist!  About the only thing I ever found on this game was a single screenshot from an archived forum post from some obscure part of the web:
[Image: VhvhIMY.png?1]

That, and it was built by an obscure Korean mobile developer named "Zio Interactive", which later became Neowiz Mobile.  Of course...I get nothing from either.  Supposedly, Neowiz's last collaboration with Capcom was some DMC..ish...I-think? MMOARPG set in the DMC universe.  I think?  But that was roughly a year ago, and not a peep since.

In any case, I just wanna know a bit more about this thing.  Again, I'm not asking for illegal sources - I'll do that after I can find more than just a single screenshot of it.  :/
Well it's name was just "Devil May Cry".
The only other additional information I found was that it was that is was released in march 2010 along with these screens

[Image: DMCWIPICLogo.png][Image: 475228419.png][Image: 783925834.png][Image: 724424110.png]

I got it from this page

This was all I could find. Everything else gets me that mobile Devil May Cry 3D game.
Oh man, thank you! Twice as much as intelligence as before.

Well, in the end, at the very least/worst, I can just use those screencraps to "rip" the UI the old-school way (pixel by pixel...).