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Full Version: Laptop for Dolphin
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Hi folks!
Sorry if i put the post ircorectly. I have to you a question. I plan to buy new laptop and i want to play GC games on Dolphin. So which laptops can run this emulator?

It seems to say right at the top what kind of specs you'll need for your computer so just take it from there.
Maybe another. Can you tell me which laptops do you have?
I built my own computer, so I can't really tell you what brand and model I have because it's custom. I also don't own a laptop.

Seriously, just compare the specifications to some laptop specifications, or ask an employee of the place you're buying it from for help.

The only thing that should concern you is the graphics card, as 2 gigs of RAM/Memory is pretty common as is having an i5 or i7 Intel processor. The newer the graphics card, the higher the number.