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Full Version: I survived a whole semester playing this. Gors plays thru Pokemon Red
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I am really strong about this right now, so let's see how far I can get in this game. You know I loathe this game but I think I am much more prepared for this than I was back then.

This is the start of a new era. Or not.

[Image: f9659c47e3e4bd1da00c62a6fc77c71b.png]

I will be posting and screenshotting really often while playing, so stay tuned!
i swear if you make a helix joke
March 2, 2014

I have been awake for quite a long time right now. My eye is burning and my body begs me to sleep. But here I am talking to this professor Oak. He claims to be the Pokemon Prof but he is relying on me to fetch their data. Oh well

[Image: 353368b74056b74fc855678274b4b9ae.png]

[Image: c3cecb21d1d31810bfe97cc80ed21485.png]

Luckily, my name was short enough to be input into the game. I would be sad if my username was Mutsukki or Puggsoy...

[Image: de332fdceef0e0807ffa3d6c8566d95f.png]

I think that friendships will end right now
it's over
[Image: e862fcf71bbd2dbed658434f14586ad4.png]

I wish I had a real one Sad
[Image: 73492723bd361c2f5173c3c8ab081069.png]

Breaking News: Gors's mom revealed
[Image: 12460052d0b4aa740a8dff739f28e9c0.png]

Mutsukki's so jealous that he literally copied my house's design
At least you've got a hot mom out of this.
[Image: 5249a0d5fb8a2ef9dfe0cdab30099d38.png]

Fuck you Oak, I was about to take a piss
While wild pokemon live, NO ONE is safe, Gors!
[Image: 510e1c5fa3594ff25a4365fe9b14f752.png]

you only have one #YOHO

SQUIRTLE because, uh....

No wait, Bulbasaur

who am I supposed to choose for??????
for me of course, i need to be the pokemon master
im sorry but zac told me to pick the turtle instead

so the turtle it is

[Image: 02c95358d9282f38a9f64728ac3cc7c8.png]

(I'm a bullet... Gunshell... get it?)

Having attained the new reptilian friend, I can now be a pokemon master and--

[Image: 87fa6aa34d2ba4cd41980cc4731fa088.png]