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[Image: 5fe54a13a9.png]
Outward is a 3d Platformer RPG created by Cloud 9 Entertainment. Inspired by popular JRPG series such as Paper Mario and MOTHER, Outward strives to give you an experience reminiscent of such timeless RPGs.

The game focuses on the insecure Alex Ander, the son of a famous inventor who sets out to find the “World Prisms”, eight mystical objects that act as a reset button for the world so he can successfully go back and prevent the events that lead to his father’s death and keep the world from plunging into calamity. On his way, he meets new friends and foes, discovers new worlds and uncovers hidden secrets about the world he thought he knew.
Alex Ander and his friends will be traveling around the world of Outward in more ways than one. When not exploring the world around them on foot, they will be using several forms of transportation, ranging from taxi cabs to the Monorail train system and to Ander family’s airship base, the Icarus. With a range of environments, from the urban Cityburg, to the wilds of the Cudashudawuda Forest, and across the ocean to other continents like the notorious Muskhena, Alex will be travelling constantly and will make use of any form of travel he can get.
Okay, I'm loving what you have so far. If I may throw a suggestion out there, though, perhaps you could make the textures of the environments pixelated as well so that they don't clash too much with the characters and stuff?

Everything else is as solid as possible. The character designs, the humor, the overall feel of the game... you've got my support! Genki ^_^
What kind of staff members are you looking for?
I also forgot: We also have an official Tumblr and [Image: Cloud_9_Games]!


As for the textures, we're currently trying to get a good feel of that so it blends better, so we'll consider your suggestion!


As for staff members, we're currently seeking pixel/texture artists, 3d modelers and maybe another writer.
Oh, I'd love to be a writer for this! Big Grin

Any way I could contact you guys for such a possibility?
Contact sent!


Whoops, the Twitter one messed up. Just look for @Cloud_9_Games.
am i the only one who noted the reference to ssf2 creator name?
That actually wasn't intentional. Tongue But hey, make of it what you will.
I'd recommend disabling anti-aliasing on the backgrounds and rendering them at lower resolution. It looks odd to see really smooth backgrounds next to pixel art characters.
Oh, I believe that will look better in the final project. Most screenshots you will see are WIP and most likely change.
Double post, but:

[Image: ddb125f190.png]

so i herd u liek spritez...
Triple post...
[Image: 30413ce003.png]
Which one looks cooler?
It mostly depends on which town that is meant for. If it's a futuristic-like one, I'd go with the one on the right. Otherwise, normal towns should get the one on the left.
Everything is the future here, so we'll most likely use both anyway.
UPDATE: We are now looking for a texture artist who can make pixel art-looking textures. PM me for more info.
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