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Hey guys! Ever since the Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story ripping project revived, I was making plans on starting a sprite project of my own to accompany that one. Since a lot of users had a good time emulating the Mario & Luigi style in the past, I thought bringing it back would stir some interest.

Anyway, while there's nothing wrong with trying to aim to emulate this style as perfectly as possible, my man intentions on starting this sprite jam are to have fun and form new friendships (as well as strengthening current ones). A big goal I want to achieve in this project is to have most of the sprite artists and rippers who worked with M&L3 to contribute to this topic. I know this is a bit much to ask for, but considering that most of them hardly visit anymore, it would be nice if they were to return and be more inclined to converse with everyone else here.

There's no serious rules to follow here (you can even sprite in any style used in any of the M&L games if you want), but I might add some friendly guidelines later. For now, though, I'm kicking it off with this little something I created in my free time.


Hey, just because it's a style in a Mario game doesn't mean I feel the need to stick only to Mario characters.

I managed to sprite this little guy in the styles of both the first game and the third one. I would have done more and put him in a cooler pose, but since this is the first time I ever actually sprited in this style, I wanted to test the water. Considering how the lighting of these sprites don't make a large amount of sense to me, I think I might have made a mistake somewhere.

Also, does anybody know where there a good tutorials for this sort of thing? I knew there was a tutorial for the original M&L style on this site some time ago, but I don't know where that went off to.
Oh man, this brings back so many memories of when I was trying to make a Wario and Waluigi Rpg when I first joined the site! This was about all I got done before I gave up on the project.
[Image: warioex4.png]

I'll definitely try to make something M&L-ish to join in with this jam later!

As for the Mr. Saturn, it looks pretty cool but he looks a little off balance. Maybe the foot on the right side of the image could be moved out a bit more.
Great to hear that, EpicEbilninja!

Anyway, while I was editing Mr. Saturn, I wanted to do a bit more by spriting a new character. When I gathered some sprites to use, I noticed something wonky about the palette.


The M&L3 Mario sprite I used came from a sheet Puggsoy just ripped when he first started the new M&L3 ripping project. I swiped that Fawful sprite off the Super Mario Wiki as a means of getting more accurate color choices, but the red used in the sprite has a different HEX value to the red used in Puggsoy's Mario sprite. I took a Mario sprite from the wiki to compare the colors and the red used in that sprite has the same HEX value as the one in the Fawful sprite. To makes matters even more odd, the red used in the Koopa sprite (which I got off the main site) has a HEX value completed different from both versions of the Mario sprite.

So, to make a long story short, could someone help me with getting a consistent palette in order?
im not sure if this helpful, but a friend of mine on deviantart who was alright at the style made some tutorial 3 years ago

[Image: ml_bis_overwold_tutorial_by_tebited15-d36s4t1.png]

its no professional tutorial, but it could be helpful
I managed to find the ML:SS tutorial that Starpower made for the overworld sprites on MFGG last week. I couldn't find the one on battle sprites that we had, but I'll ask Starpower if he still has it.
Well, seeing as I spent a lot of time trying to make Wario, I thought I'd start working on somebody different... Somebody who is rather similar to out garlic eating hero...

Booster is looking great. I think his bottom part is a bit too round though.
I'm slowly making progress with Booster.

I'm currently stuck on his belt... It's a white belt with white spikes, so I'm not quite sure how to make the spikes actually visible.

[Image: boosterex3.PNG]
(08-14-2014, 10:28 PM)recme Wrote: [ -> ]im not sure if this helpful, but a friend of mine on deviantart who was alright at the style made some tutorial 3 years ago


its no professional tutorial, but it could be helpful

Thanks for the tutorial, Recme! It provides some really good insight on the style! Now, if only I could get the official palette in order…

As for the tutorial you have there, Mighty, I think I also saw that one somewhere before. It must have been up on the site a while back, but I can't remember for certain. Also, wasn't there a tutorial created by A.J. Nitro? I think his used a Pider as an example of how the Anti-Aliasing works.

Anyway, here's more progress! I added some more poses to the M&L version Mr. Saturn, but did I get the shading right? Also, is it just me, or does Mr. Saturn look fat when he is facing us directly?

Before you ask, the reason why there is another Fawful on there is due to me testing something with the palette. After setting the brightness of that sprite to 9, I ended up getting colors that have nearly identical HEX values to the ones contained in Puggsoy's sprite. Perhaps this method could be used to resolve my palette problem?


By the way, if you can guess the identity of the character I'm working on now, you're awesome! Big Grin
The Mr. Saturn facing the side looks like it could be a bit rounder.
His nose should also have more of a separation via slightly darker outlining. Not the full black but one of the darker shades in the sprite. Right now you can barely tell he even has a nose.
Mr. Saturn looks like he's leaning backwards while he's standing. This is probably due to the shape of his head and the positioning of his feet.
There we go. I fixed up the Mr. Saturn sprites the best I could. Is this what you had in mind?


I also changed the M&L3 sprite for Manny and gave him an M&L sprite. I'm surprised nobody said anything about him.

So, what do you think?

By the way, the M&L styled Mario is actually using the palette Star demonstrated in his tutorial. SInce I think that's the official palette, I decided to swap colors around.
I think your contrast is much too low (particularly talking about the M&L3 Mr. Saturn.)
[Image: ODXDVa9.png] Left is mine.
Most of your colors are meant to be transitional, but you need a color that greatly difference from your base hue to define shapes, such as the nose, or the border between the feet and the body.

I'm not sure if mine is exactly in style (haven't played this game), but the features are more distinguishable, as with Mario.
I like the way you think, Iocus. If I was doing this in my own style, I would make the colors have better contrast. All I did was borrow the same colors from the Mario sprite and my intention is to use colors that actually appeared in the game to increase the authenticity.

As interesting as it is to imitate the M&L3 style, I'm not entirely fond of it, and the lack of contrast is one of my reasons for that.
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