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Full Version: Roach's slow work
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New thread, though I haven't done much recently. I forgot if I even mentioned the SRB2 Sonic revamp that I was doing in my last thread:

[Image: 6f5rt1.png]
[Image: j6q0sm.png]

Aside that, I've been asked to make a little idle for Hitmonchan for when his stance animation loops few times.

[Image: 2wltumx.gif]

Was thinking of some quick fake punches for a concept, though not entirely sure how well I executed it in here.
In the meantime, here's a little concept:

[Image: o6lfdc.gif]

A little inspired from both Balrog and Dudley's walking animations.
[Image: 2u7pydj.gif]

Also did a concept for his crouching. How dis looking?
I like all of this quite a bit so far. Nice work!
Thank you, Ton~

Regarding the crouching animation, I felt that the concept I posted before was a little too slow and generic for a boxer, so I've tried to make it more fitting and more agile looking:

[Image: fky72s.gif]
Good work so far!
Here is a little preview of what I'm getting ready for SRB2 Sonic:

[Image: 3r56w.gif]

Left being the original animation taken from the game, the right one being my complete remake~
roach: making srb2 look leagues better, one character at a time
So, recently, I started helping a friend of mine with his game. It plays very nicely, although it currently has very basic graphics. I decided to start out redesigning and remaking graphics for the currently available boss the game has, which is a wasp that can fire bullets, energy projectiles, and spawn maggots. Here's its design in the game:

[Image: 16c8i2b.png]

And here's my heavy edit of it at the moment:

[Image: 2rmlbpf.png]

Just wanna know how the design is looking, and I'm also wondering if this is a decent sprite style to go for or if I should change something about it.
Depends, The color is ok, but there's something off about it. Maybe the mandibles should be yellow too? I'd make the body bigger also(mid section). And I'm assuming your wing isn't finished.
[Image: Hornet.jpg]
I feel like it's trying to be beedrill in terms of body shape and positioning.

Also I'd make the wasp enemy more facing the side like in the original picture, but that all depends on how the game is to be viewed.
Made the body bigger:

[Image: fu9k4h.png]

I'll just leave the wing out of the sprite for now, since I intend to have it as a separate animated object. What I do want to go for in here would be mechanical/cyborg parts for the wasp, so that way it makes sense for it to shoot bullets and the such. The mandibles were intended to be mechanical as well, but I'm unsure if I'll use them for any attacks. Also, the sprite actually used to be in a side view, but I wanted to change it because it looked rather dull and static at the time.
So, one day, I was shown this online software called Piskel, and decided to make a quick lil thing to try it out.

[Image: ee5dab35-25c9-11e4-9fb7-d3107d521a58.gif]

It's a pretty neat way to sprite. It features palette arranging and even animating as well.
Sorry for the lack of posts. Been working on some things, but I did finish the running animations for Sonic (major help from Iceman404 in the back angle), so I can post a few extra screenies~

[Image: 2csfbxd.png]
[Image: ibyy3c.png]
[Image: 2ijoym9.png]

Other than that, I decided to make a back walking test animation for Hitmonchan. With a good little bunch of basics planned, guess I'll start outlining and coloring them soon.

[Image: 2lb2arp.gif]
That new run looks pretty good, but what exactly is the 2nd screenshot showing?
The second screenshot is just showing his falling frame.

[Image: 24goft0.gif]

Thinking if I should make his shoulders move slightly for this one.
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