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Full Version: Old Games and Classical Music
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Classical music has been a staple on old videogames. The reason behind it is that they were easily recognizable, and free to use. Thanks to it, many young people, me included, got to know about famous composers through humble chiptune renditions of their pieces.

I want to create a list of all classic music in old games for reference/research purposes. Also maybe you'll be able to find nice tunes and learn about composers.

I'll be supplying this thread with updates, as I find more classical music in games. If you find any, post them here! The requisites are:

1-It needs to be from old game consoles. By old, I mean 'anything that is N64 or earlier'. The more 'chiptune-y', the better: it's interesting to see how game composers covered 'real' music with simple sound hardware. (this is why GBA is included: it's a chiptune-based console).
2-Add info regarding the source music and the original composer.
3-The music needs to be a rendition of the classical music. It can be arranged or mixed with other music, but the game soundtrack needs to have an excerpt of it.
4-NO PARODIUS. Parodius music is already well-documented here.
5-Keep the videos inside spoiler tags. This is to optimize page loading time.
6-If you suspect that a soundtrack is classical music, but you are not sure about it, you may post here so others can help you guess.


Famicom Fairytales: Yuyuki 1989 © Nintendo

Published by: Nippon Columbia
Composed by: Soyo Oka
Arranged by: Ikuro Fujiwara
Performed by: Mario Freaks Orchestra
Keyboards: Ikuro Fujiwara
Electric Guitar: Teiji Mihata
Synthersizer Programming: Jun Araki
Synthesizer Operator: Naoki Suzuki
Could you fetch the original in-game version of the track, along with the info of the source music?

Famicom Fairytales: Yuyuki 1989 © Nintendo

(I can't find the music separate i can only find all the music together)

Composed by: Soyo Oka

really hard to find any info on it too.
by source music I meant the classical music the soundtrack was based upon.
I would love to put Catherine's renditions of classical songs here, but oh well.

I have some I know

That's all I remember for now
@ Gors i think i found a little where Yūyūki music is inspired from a novel called Journey to the West, of which the music is inspired from that's all i could find out about it.

here's a wiki about the novel
Senjen, you don't seem to understand the purpose of this thread. This thread is supposed to be a list of games that have classical music in their soundtrack.

Post the track with the classical music from a game, and then tell who is the original composer of the classical music. Follow the examples that are in the original post.
Here's a little something from a very obscure NES game.

The song used while invincible in Super Mario Land:

Is actually part of Offenbach's "Infernal Galop" (at about 1:50):

Edit: E-Man, thank you for introducing me to Onyanko Town Big Grin
...Man, I always called that "Can-Can Music", even though I should know better. That's pretty good!
I'd like to take note that it might help with the research collection if the rules are loosened up a bit.
There's some more common pieces of classical music that are used enough that its easily possible that someone recognizes a tune as classical music, but doesn't have classical music knowledge to identify the name, let alone the composer.

For example, there's a few tracks in King Arthur's World I suspect are classical music (Namely all the Real World levels)
but I merely recognize them from elsewhere and would need someone with more musical knowledge to tell me what they were IF they are as I suspect.
Ah yes, that would be good too. It's fine to post songs that you suspect it is classic, so other people can guess them. Good suggestion!
In that case, I've always thought I've heard this music somewhere, or at least, a variation of it, like in a commercial or something, but I can't place a name.

Half Minute Hero (AKA Yuusha 30) ~ Multiplayer Theme
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