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Full Version: Super Arisa Land
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[Image: UsDXoaKXhklHiMnL]
"I-I am important enough to deserve two games! Don't complain!!"

So what's the best way to practice programming? By making a minigame, that's right!

Super Arisa Land is my 'sandbox' for programming. I'll be posting stuff here as I learn programming techniques. Of course, you can play and check it! The purpose of this thread is to have fun controlling Arisa and maybe learning one thing or two. I say maybe because I'm not good at programming. I literally started this today ok

The game is being programmed in Game Maker: Studio. So far there's not much, but you can already have fun controlling Arisa.

Press LEFT and RIGHT to walk;
Press Z to jump;
Press and hold X to run.

Click here to download the EXE!

NOTE: This app is in constant change. I'll gladly add suggestions as long as I don't fuck everything up. If you want to try programming too and don't have a clue, post here and I'll try helping you out.
that logo is so great
[Image: vfurjl.png]
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[Image: 66aef08c112a133a97e91aafe0e116fa.png]
I fixed the weird bug that makes Arisa get stuck on block corners. Turns out that moving a text string a couple spaces up was the solution. Huh.

I also added drop-down platforms, those thingies that make you fall thru them when you press down.

[Image: 14e173d7198f15941756002210aa4ed2.gif]
The new version of the game is up! Say hello to Super Arisa Land version!

download me by clicking here!


Press left and right to walk.
press down to fall thru wooden platforms.
hold X while walking to run.
press Z to jump. You can jump higher and farther if you do a running jump.
press R to reset.
My anti-virus recognized it as a threat.


Aside from that, the engine seems relatively solid, just a few nitpicks about other things.
1. "R" doesn't reset the main room, only the bonus room that doesn't exist.
2. Speaking of the non-existent bonus room, there is no way to get out of it without closing the game and reopening. (Unless I missed something which is very possible Shy ) No big deal, just kinda annoying.
And I assume you just haven't got around to this but feel like saying it anyway.
3. You can't grab the floating collectibles .

EDIT: Sorry internet nerds, there is no bonus room, I'm just spreading false rumors.
What bonus room, i didnt say anything about a bonus room
why wont you programm in game maker 8.1 lite (or pro).
it's far better.
And this is what I dislike. Look, I am aware that this is not the best programming language in existance. But I am tired of people who just suggest and doesn't actually make or do anything to help me at programming.
Actually, using 8.1 over Studio wouldn't make that much of a difference aside from the work environment itself being a bit less buggy. You'd also probably have to get adjusted to the lack of certain features and stuff, so it wouldn't really do much for your game ultimately.

I wish I could help you with any programming things, but unfortunately I don't use Game Maker, sorry... Sad
I love this engine so far. I can't wait to see even more. Big Grin

Maybe you should make it into a mindfuck game. I mean, it's got some elements of that already in there.
Pretty nice! The installer is a bit of a hassle for something constantly in progress, is it possible to simply compile to the binary and other files and .zip it up?

I don't know the Game Maker language so I can't help with any API confusion or whatever, but if you have any questions about how to go about things certain ways that isn't specific to a language (sliding on ice tiles, for example) I'd be glad to give a hand. You seem well on your way though Smile

As for suggestions, maybe you could try making the blocks bob up and back down a tiny bit when you hit them, like in Mario. Destructible blocks might be interesting too.
How to create executable instead of installer:
[Image: 9HE4z.png]
After clicking the "Create Executable for Target" button, select "Single runtime executable." Then save as normal.
(06-22-2014, 01:09 PM)Gors Wrote: [ -> ]And this is what I dislike. Look, I am aware that this is not the best programming language in existance. But I am tired of people who just suggest and doesn't actually make or do anything to help me at programming.

sorry man!
ok i will try to help you if game maker studio is aulmost the same as game maker
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