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Full Version: So, I was thinking about starting a Tumblr blog
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Considering that I've seen some other users do it, I was thinking of getting one for myself. Also, in addition to that, I noticed that some people have these ask (insert character here) blogs. You reckon I should make myself one of those kinds of blogs, too, or is that a stupid idea and I should just stick with a normal one?
That is entirely your choice. However 99% of the times, having an ask doesnt mean you have interesting things to say about yourself; its yet another pointless entertaining thingy.

Also Tumblr is fine, i use it scarcely just to post images and art and joke stuff. If you use it as a secondary thing, i guess it can be fun.
I have a tumblr, but i rarely post

i only use tumblr to follow devs or other spriters

i very rarely ever reply or reblog anything; i just look at it and try to soak it all in

oh and legos

i looks at posts about legos

i love legos
I have a tumblr. I started it, posted maybe 3 times then got bored and let it rot.
I always assumed Tumblr was some sort of gay porn site

Although the first time I was exposed to it was when a friend wanted me to check it out and showed me his Tumblr, and his page or whatever was full of penises

The name also reminds me of Grindr
Thanks for the feedback, guys! I think I'll just create a Tumblr account the moment I can. Considering that my DA account is rotting away and I would like to have a place to submit artwork, getting one for my artwork isn't a bad idea.

With that said, though, I am thinking of going through with having my first Tumblr blog be for answering questions as a certain character.

Here's two examples of what I mean.

Before I make my choice, are there recommendations on which character I should assume the role of?
i use tumblr as a motivator
i follow tons of great artists and as such my dash is filled with cool stuff, which makes me wanna draw if im feeling down

if you're gonna make an askblog, the real problem is gaining attention
cause no one's gonna come look at your blog let alone ask stuff if you have 0 followers

also id recommend you answer posts as gors
I can't really recommend any ways of getting some attention because I never did.
Okay then, nice suggestion on who I should role-play for the blog, Lexou! As much as that would guarantee me a load of viewers, I don't think Gors would like the idea of someone posing as him.

I recommend Tingle
I like the way you think, Macho!

Too bad it's been done, though…
Actually, e-man, it....
hold up a sec, I'm getting a message from beyond
an ancient spirit from deep within your past.......
it wants... to give you some advice

The ghost of Kosheh Wrote:If you want to get a blog, just make one already Jesus Christ. There's no need to go in headfirst and wonder "Gee, will anybody read my blog?" - who cares honestly, if it's something you think you'll be passionate about, then just do it already and don't pussyfoot your way around.

It's Tumblr - no one cares whether it's full of monotonous posts or pictures of dogs wearing clothing or you posting your opinions on the gender challenges the African swallow faces in its lifespan. Someone out there will read it and have a hell of a time doing so, and probably follow you.

Kosheh disappears into the shadows of Bantown again

I don't know what that was. Where am i?
Alright, I guess I was being rather silly there. Considering that I have a history of making decisions that ended up biting me in the butt, I developed a bad habit of always asking the people around me abut what I should do next instead of just actually doing it.

Anyway, both Tumblr blogs will be up by July when I get a break from Full Sail.
You should do a regular blog. I kind of hate the way tumblr is set up. The original creator of the content sort of gets lost when things get tumbled around.
If you do, my word of advice, don't bother with any "serious" communities on Tumblr.

They are all pretty much assholes and are not worth the time.
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