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Full Version: So, I was thinking about starting a Tumblr blog
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Serious communities? You mean like the Zelda and Kingdom Hearts ones with the somewhat emotionally unstable fans?

Those aren't the serious communities, and to be honest I don't see a lot of emotionally unstable fans of anything on Tumblr.

But like the Trans, Gay, Feminist, know serious communities on Tumblr. Those that tend to have to do with the rights of others, or other things in general that are taken in a more serious light than video games or TV shows.

Keep away from those, they are all assholes.
Got it! Since my core interests are animation and video games, that shouldn't be a problem then.

Besides, for all those serious communities you mentioned, Kat, I'm rather indifferent about them.
(06-04-2014, 01:00 AM)Koopaul Wrote: [ -> ]The original creator of the content sort of gets lost when things get tumbled around.

Guess that's why it it's called Tumblr. /huehue
That was the pun I was going for.
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