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Full Version: Google is buying Twitch
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Moved to General Discussion, as this is not about videogames.
Well considering that Twitch is a site dedicated to streaming video games, I thought it fit there
I hope they don't Youtube it. Twitch actually has some really good streams.
Yeesh… Considering that Google already owns another video web site, I'm scratching my head about why Google wants to be so greedy. Besides, if they implement the same kind of negative changes they gave to YouTube, this would not be a popular decision for them that could end up losing business for them.
I'm just scared that Twitch is gonna get a curse of Youtube.
You'd think something like this would be grounds for monopoly laws to kick in.
Guys, the changes to Youtube aren't even bad if you ask me.
I'm hella positive-neutral about this.
Meh, they messed up Youtube's video player, the comment system is awful, the god awful Google + integration (I want to use a username, god dammit) and the copyright system is fucking insane. Ads don't bother me because I use Adblock for every site.

However, Google would probably pay streamers better and would bring more recognition to Twitch.

Honestly, my fear is the copyright system screwing up streamers and the fear that Google may try to turn Twitch into something else that isn't just about video game streaming
Oh boy I can't wait until Google Playstream comes out for Android so I can stream my Angry Birds Go! to all my friends.

No, really I'm not sure how to feel about this. Frankly...I don't. Part of me feels like they'll be laissez-faire with Twitch (kinda like they were with the Timely app for Android - they ended up making it downright godly)

I just hope they don't try to shoehorn in Google+ integration. :/ C'mon Google. Please.
hopefully this doesn't affect the high elo lol streams I watch...

oh yeah and gors steam
I don't watch or use Twitch, but this still concerns me, because I have a bad feeling that they're going to integrate Google+ and false copyright claims into it, just like what they did with YouTube.
I'm pretty certain that Google won't fuck around with it too much. They aren't ridiculously stupid.

They just always struggled with their own livestream systems, and making them work within YouTube. It's likely that they will treat it like a secondary source of advertising potential. I doubt they will implement G+ integration, considering they're planning to distance it from YouTube too.
That sounds reasonable, Dazz.

My only big concern now is if they're going to implement the bonkers copyright system or not. Why, even though there are a lot of good YouTube channels that already suffered from that kind of abuse (most recently the Dr. Wolf channel takedown that caused an uproar), I'm wondering if YouTube is finally going to realize that they need to revise this system.
Youtube has the most awful way of dealing with everything

they randomly take down shit all the time, even stuff that follows all the rules

and good luck getting it back, you'll get a short automated "we dont give a fuck. have a nice day"
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