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Full Version: Happy Birthday to the Man With the Plan
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It's E-Man's birthday! I just wanna say happy birthday and
thanks for being you.
Wow! I'm flattered that you went out of your way to create a separate birthday topic just for me, Paladin! I was originally thinking that they are just going to announce it in the same birthday topic that C. Blue Luigi has, but this actually works a whole lot better for me.

Thank you!
Let me send you an e-birthday card~
!naM-e yadhtriB yppaH
Hap E-Birthday
Happy birthday E-Man! Hope you have a good one. Heart
happy birthday, electronic gentleman
Happy Birthday E-Man. I wanted to make a quick animation......but anything I thought of was out of scope for me = /. Happay Birthaday!
Happy Birthday, man! [Image: Happy_You.gif] I hope you get a cake!
Well, Neweegee, considering that promises for cake are not always 100% honest, we'll have to see about that, friend! Tongue

Anyway, thanks a million for all these marvelous birthday wishes, guys! This is the first time (at least to my knowledge) that anyone on this site gave me a birthday topic. It's likely due to the fact that I used to stay on this web site a few moments once in a blue moon until I felt I would get in trouble and then run away. Now that I'm staying here for the longest I have ever been before and actually found a way to get into this tightly-knitted community, I was hoping something like this would have happened (even if it means I have to share a birthday topic with CBL).

You don't know how much it means to me to finally find a good place for me online and get to have awesome online friends who actually do like and care about me. Thanks a lot!
Man-E, have a day which is pleasant in commemoration to your spawning.
I'm very pleased by all the countless birthday wishes I have received so far! I hope I could get a few more birthday wishes going around here. Otherwise, don't worry about it too much.

I didn't get too much this year, but I did manage to get a game I was looking forward to owning. I was thinking it was going to be sent to me by mail, but considering that my younger sister came all the way from Florida to see me for her summer break, she brought the game with her. Finally, now I could play the latest installment in Kirby's endless quest to bring peace to Dream Land!

By the way, guys, considering that it's my birthday and all, I was almost wondering if you are willing to do a rather sizable favor for me. I don't think it's a completely unreasonable favor, so maybe you're willing to hear me out?
Happ-E Birthday, E-Man!
Happy birthday, E-Man!

HBD E-Man!
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