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Hey you guys! I've been working on actual videogame engineering and I am about to release my OWN portable game console worldwide!

[Image: 8bb1402efdc3c4c38678ec226a835acb.png]

as you can see, it is clearly not based in any existing portable console, and the design is really original. The spec is as follows:

-screen is 160x144;
-can produce 4 colors: black, gray, light gray and white;
-graphic is stored as 8x8 tiles in games;
-every 8x8 tile can only have 3 colors + transparency!

Really impressive, huh? I am planning to compete against this gen's video game consoles, and with this spec I intend to bring everyone high-quality graphics and affordable price.


so I want you to produce some for the game boy gors! Produce a mockup of how modern-day games would look in it!


1-make a demake mockup of an existing game.
2-respect the specs listed above.
3-make the most with the limitations imposed to you, and good luck!
hey im gors im not so gors
Where was the Kickstarter for this? I need to secure my Game Gors day one. Can I preorder this at Gamestop?

i cant wait to see the games for this thing, technical specs look pretty sick
8x8 pixels? How'd they make buildings bigger than people then?
you can make buildings made up of several 8x8 tiles put together

or you could like make the people 1 - 2 pixels or something lol
[Image: x8GKDdg.jpg]
Something like this? (I was trying to make a borderlands Psycho and photoshop crashed)

Edit: If I can get photoshop to run without sepukkuing itself, I'm gonna try and meet the requirements for this.
Since white is your transparency, that means you'll be able to see through the eyes if it passes through any other color. You have to either make the eyes gray or change your colors up.
[Image: yXUWw0q.png]
What do you guys think about this, size wise.
It really depends on what you're going for as far as the rest of the mockup goes.
That could look fine for something like a top-down RPG (though 16x8 is still pretty small, FF is 16x16) or something but for a sidescroller you probably want to go bigger.
I'll buy one when its a crystal-clear version!

Also I got an interesting idea...
Eternal Sonata

[Image: AgMThhQ.png]

this looks great, paladin, but I think that the sword merges with the boy's head. could use a more definite outline!

kepp the games coming! *sniff* :') so beautiful..
Ni no Kuni for the Game Gors
[Image: t8JQWtW.gif]
still working

Wondering how to pull this one off.
[Image: 4eGucrK.png]
Now you too can Cross Animals: Atarashii Happa: Translator's Note: Atarashii Happa Means New Leaf on the go on your GameGORS!
Hey, when would this be ending? I just want to scope what I could do, as I am not a spriter.
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