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Full Version: Spookventure!
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Helloo TSR, and hello October! For this month I decided to work on a side project while our programmers are putting everything together for Pipe Works.
Spookventure! is an hour long story-driven RPG. You play as a sad little ghost, a cute skeleton girl, and a pumpkin punk as you try and remember who you are and solve the mystery of Spooksville.

SPRITES: (wip)

So there you have it. I'm writing the story, doing the sprites and composing the music by myself.
*If anyone happens to know anyone that could help me program this (honestly I can't even work RPG maker) that would be absolutely lovely.
Hopefully I can finish this by Halloween.
As much as I'd love to program this, I probably can't find enough time.
Being as it's short though, I could probably put aside some time to get it done before Halloween! I'm good with making RPG style games.
I already said this before, but this looks really interesting. Good luck with getting it done in time, I'll be sure to play this when it is!
I'm already absolutely loving this.

Can't wait to see it in full!
Thanks guys. Especially Ploaj for coming through and helping me out.

[Image: 9UnsB4Q.png]
Everything is already coming along!