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Full Version: Where this game is free?
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I know that this game it's free on Steam..
but it's free in other systems too?
Like Ps3..
I think you can only get it for consoles with the Orange Box, right? Or is it on their online stores, too? Besides the console versions have never been updated and the F2P movement most likely didn't reach them, so my best bet (without checking) would be: No.
Ah ok, thanks anyway Smile
As far as I know only the PC, Mac, and Linux versions are free. From what I know the PS3 version was published by EA too, as opposed to Valve, and they probably didn't really like the idea of F2P.

That said I haven't had any experiences with downloaded games on consoles, only discs and cartridges, and my information sources could be outdated, so I could be completely wrong. It shouldn't be hard to test though, you can just try to download and it'll either say if you need to pay or not.
i've found this!
"Sony's partnership with Valve just got better because they strike an epic deal! Valve is set to release Team Fortress 2 sometime this summer (maybe E3 announcement?) for PlayStation Network and it will be completely free! Not only that it will include Steam integration and it is rumored that PS3 players will have access to Steamworks (community mods!!). This version of Team Fortress 2 IS NOT THE SAME as the Orange Box that was released back in 2007 by EA UK. This version is up-to-date with the PC version and will continually have updates similar to its PC counterpart. The graphics looks much, much better and will include up to 24-players action (also bot support). At the moment there is no word if PS3 users are able to play with PC users though."
On the internet, such rumors are woth nothing, especially without a (credible) source ;-)
(02-25-2013, 05:58 AM)Previous Wrote: [ -> ]On the internet, such rumors are woth nothing, especially without a (credible) source ;-)

Unfortunately, you're right ..
no TF2 on ps store.. Sad
TF2 on PS store is completely possible, but don't get your hopes up because TF2 on PC is quite unique from the rest.
I checked the 360 and it's 20 bucks (actual money, not points) On Demand for The Orange Box.
It's not even worth playing TF2 on a console, tbph. Not only will you only find a -small- devoted few who still play it through the Orange Box, but you basically lose out on every important update and actual game maintenance.

A free console version with the properly shipped-out updates would be pretty cool, I won't lie. But yeah, the PC version is pretty well-optimized for even the crappiest computers (like mine), so just play that~
If you grab the Orange Box on the 360 you'll need to pay for live to play online. Most players will also will be long gone or super elite sad people and you'll be missing out on the years worth of updates. If you grab the Orange Box for the PS3 you'll get a inferior game (thanks EA!) and a silent online gaming experience.

Basically, grab the PC one.
yes i know, but i don't think that my pc is so powerful to run this game xD
Considering that it's free, it wouldn't hurt to try, would it? Just set all the game's display options to the lowest and see if that runs Tongue
It's a whopping download (over 10GB iirc), so unless you have unlimited bandwidth it's probably better to check your specs. You can find the minimum and recommended requirements on the store page. If your PC isn't at least above the minimum, it's most likely a waste of internet.

Of course if bandwidth isn't an issue and you have the time, then as Previous said it can't hurt to try. It really is an awesome game, so I highly recommend giving it a shot if you can.
(03-03-2013, 01:56 PM)puggsoy Wrote: [ -> ]It's a whopping download (over 10GB iirc)

10-12GB of bad data management that Valve is currently fixing; this is projected to drop down to 5-6GB in another week, when Valve converts TF2 from a .gcf format to a streamlined .vpk pipeline. They've already done this with the TF2 Beta, so now it's just a matter of shipping out to the real game.
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