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Full Version: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga - Unused sprites of the Mario Bros.?
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These were stored in the ROM in the middle of all of the other battle poses for the Mario Bros. (found using the currently-alpha Yoshi Magic editor). I couldn't find them on any existing sheets, but I didn't know if they were worth appending to an existing sheet.

[Image: mlss_unusedq.png]

They were right next to the poisoned and Refreshing Herb sprites, so maybe these are supposed to be Pepper effects (heavy/light, respectively)?
So should I add these to the battle sheets?
What is this Yoshi Magic editor? Does it only work for the GBA M&L games?
It's a project currently run mostly by one guy, and progress is slow. It's got a fair bit of functionality for editing Superstar Saga, and can view (albeit with copious errors) some maps and sprites in Superstar Saga and Partners in Time. Most of the documentation as well as all beta versions can be found at the Yoshi's Lighthouse forums.

And if you want to add those to your battle sheets, that's fine, A.J. Can't help but think I've seen at least the latter two of those sprites before, but I can't think of where.
They look new to me.
It'd be an amazing breakthrough if we could use that tool to rip PiT...
Looks like they're trying to crap.
(04-16-2012, 09:14 AM)Mighty Jetters Wrote: [ -> ]It'd be an amazing breakthrough if we could use that tool to rip PiT...
Wow, I didn't look at the program in much detail before; turns out that pretty much ALL of the Bros.' overworld poses, and a good percentage of other overworld objects/sprites, display perfectly in it. The battle stuff's still about 95% garbled mess, though.
The download inside the link doesn't work for me.
That's weird, I got it just fine.
Oh, I just had to use a different browser, what else is new?
Maybe your adblocker-plugin deactivated javascript on the site.
It looks like I'd easily be able to get all of the battle backgrounds, just without animations, but how would I go about getting the overworld poses that I missed? Can really figure this thing out.
I'm with you there. You could ask Charleysdrpepper how it works. Alternatively, I think the Overworld Bros. sprites start at ~1000 and the Battle ones at ~2000 in the Sprite Viewer. Unlike in PiT, most of them show up correctly.
(04-15-2012, 08:33 PM)A.J. Nitro Wrote: [ -> ]They look new to me.

I agree.
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