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Alright, guys!

In this round I'm going to ask you to draw me a supernatural aquatic scene.
You'll have to use this palette:
[Image: n6ATR.png]
[Image: n6ATR.png]
You have to produce a piece that's 256x144 in dimensions.

Starting now.
The deadline is the 3rd of August (4PM EST).

Starsock64 VS Cshad VS Ever: Ghost pirates, please.
Gorsal Jr. VSX Gamer 66 VS GaryASPG : Atlantis, please.
Solink VS Phantom K: Magic mermaids, please.
MXXai VS lone wolf rayet-star: Bermudan seabed, please.
Previous VS Rakia: A drunk diver's experience of a deep dive, please.

What does the last palette slot stand for? Fully alpha transparent pixels?
I forgot about that.
Will fix that, wait a sec!
Super-natural aquatic scene


(not literally - just curious~)
Updated the OP. Don't hesitate to ask me questions!
hehe, rematch with cshad

e: assuming that's how this even works? I'm not actually sure how we're doing this
Oh my every time I visit this topic it changes.
Just want to know, should I expect any other updates, or may we begin?
srsly jw
Good luck, Tuna.

and Kori too I guess!
I probably shouldn't be posting here but I just wanted to wish everyone the best of luck with their entries. I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone fares against eachother!
Magic mermaids...
Alright, now I've gotta find my mouse so I can get started.
[Image: DJbkv.png]
Don't meant to whine, but feel this harder than expert with palette count..
I don't think it should be a problem, thats me though.
Well. I'm going to post a WIP so excuse the double.
Honestly I've never been drunk so this is kinda challenging for me.
[Image: VDuaC.png]
[Image: fXdeZ.png]
what am I doing I don't even


[Image: EAHF3.png]
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