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Full Version: Chakan: the forever man
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Just posting to say I've begun working on Chakan. I plan to get him using all his weapons and powers, including invisibility.

[Image: chakanchakantheforeverm.png]

Edit: Well after making more progress, it looks like I'll need to split Chakan into several sheets, either alternate weapons on one, or a separate sheet for each weapon, maybe even a sheet completely dedicated to his spell effects like magic swords and invisibility. Don't know how I'd arrange it yet though, but the good thing is that two of the magic sword graphics are just recolors.
It begins!

[Image: tsrchakanaxeicon.png] [Image: tsrchakanhammericon.png] [Image: tsrchakanscytheicon.png]
(02-04-2011, 02:47 AM)Tonberry2k Wrote: [ -> ]Badass!

Agreed, Ton! Very badass indeed!

Can't wait for the rest of Chakan!

Not sure if you noticed, but your sheets have two shades of magenta in them.

If you're using Gens be aware that the screen shots produced by the emulator use a different color conversion method than Windows does for 16-bit color applications. That is, if you mix screen shots from the emulator with screen shots from the clipboard, your colors will be slightly off between the two.
I did notice, but I didn't manage to fix it entirely it seems. I'm gonna fix them today and be more careful in the future. Thanks for explaining where the problem came from, though, that'll save me a lot of headaches.
I remember doing the same thing - kinda my fault... sorry.
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